OH GOD!!!!!!!!

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We ask for various things to god everyday.
But... are we being a little too selfish and impractical?

"Oh God!" is very
popular these days
we use this phrase
in a thousand ways

Oh God! for bread I ask
Oh God! give me a beauty mask.
Oh God! please make me small
Oh God! turn me smart and tall.

Oh God! I have a wish to tell,
bless me with a wishing well
Oh God! I am deeply hurt
turn that traitor into dirt

Oh God! I really want some rest,
in my place go, write my test
Oh God! haven't you heard
I want my name in golden words

Oh God! My house is very old.
Oh God! Give me a pot of gold.
Oh God! in this heavy strife,
give me safe ans silent life,

"Oh God!" for this
"Oh God!" for that
but we are his art,
we forget.

Nothing will happen
by wishing alone
Nothing will happen
till we work on our own

But still God is, such a dear
All our desires, he keeps near.
But if we don't limit our crime
one day, will soon come a time

When God to us, will kindly plead,
"please, my child, take my seat,
and when wishes
will be thrown at you
we shall see,
what will you do."

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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