Powerful Words

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We are often advised to speak less..... Let's see why is this advise good for us.

Believe me friends,
I'm not talking absurd
There is a great power
in a single word

Words can build
Words can break
Words can support
Words can shake

Words encourage
Words bring down
Words can reflect
smile and frown

One smart word,
can save thousand lives
One stupid word,
raise cannons and knives
One word of wisdom,
guide dark mind
One word of revolution,
can change mankind

 There's no wound
kind words can't heal
Words create scars
that are hard to deal

Words can destroy
Words can mend
Words are on what
we writers depend

You can't take back
what you speak.
Words push you down
they take you to peak

So, this tongue of ours
is important to tame
Even after our end
these words remain. 

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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