The lost poet

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There are times.. when you fell a great want to attain fame and glory and taste success.
But, sometimes, we realize that we left something even more precious in our life.
We usually realize this... after time has gone.

In one of those childhood days
when both my time and life was free
finding no better thing to do
 I picked my pen under a banyan tree  

That time time to write was my only aim
no matter what I write about
 it might be cars ships or train
 stars, kites or even clouds

It was all so calm
  all so nice
worth living was minute every
it’s a mystery why
my heart used to shine
 with happiness while writing poetry

Still in word’s play
 I found one day,
the world turned into a race
I dropped my pen
then I ran
a competitive world was to face

I worked quiet hard
did my best
 in want to surpass the rest
succeeded of course
sometimes I fall,
 I past down every single test

I sweat it out
and earned it all
 all the things a man can dream
 the world’s respect
from all aspects
 victory laid at my knees  

However, something had changed  
strange thing it was,
started to pass so fast the time
 I used to smile
not from inside
in spite of glory and fame of maaine  

Time went on
 as if a flowing stream
along it all as usual, I went
 gone was teenage,
youth passed by
years in golden sorrow I spent

Now, in old age’s boots
and responsibilities fulfilled
I finally found my heart’s need
that happiness to find
which used to be mine
I perform a very necessary deed

I picked that pen
waiting for me
 still in the shade of banyan tree
and closed my eyes
to search my mind
for that lost poet inside me. 

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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