Things we scare

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Fear is a very natural feeling..
But are the things we scare really frightful?

Strange beings we humans are
Stranger are the things we scare
Strangest of the strangest stuff
send us screaming nightmares

Fear of future,
Fear of past
Fear of ending
up as last

Escaping from punishments
they will find us fast or slow
cause nature works on the rule,
"we reap what we sow "

Fright of failing, falling down,
Fright of loosing popularity crown
Fright of facing accusations loud
Fright of getting lost in crowd

Scared to let go money
Scared for end of days sunny
Scared to face life's test,
what if we couldn't do our best?

Terror of being dejected
Terror while speaking truth
Terror of being rejected
Terror of while showing ruth

But the panic from death
is still the funniest of all
each and everyone of us
is bound to get his final call

But when we know these
are hurdles to surpass
Why let development cease
and fear take the grasp?

Why turn away from danger
and stop to walk due to nerve?
when life's not complete,
without passing through these curves.

So, let's meet challenges
rather than, at them, just stare
for time erode all,
remembered are those who dare.

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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