An After-date Delight

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Written from the perspective of the girl, this is a short fictional erotic story.
Apologies for the poor layout. I'll re-edit this again some time.
Still, enjoy :)

Submitted: June 14, 2013

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Submitted: June 14, 2013



An After Date Delight

They had been together for just over three months now, and he still gave her the butterflies. She could tell he was the same, probably even more so.
Back at her home now and standing in the large carpeted hallway, their dinner date for the evening had come to a pleasant close.
It had been a low-key and casual affair at some local Italian restaurant and still, they were freshly learning about each other.
The time they spent together around their small candle-lit table had been filled with typical quiet moments between chat as they explored each other’s character.
Together they had enjoyed light and exciting pauses, as they caught each other’s eyes, or shared touches in acknowledging exchanges.
He stood before her now, and was a good half foot taller than she was, and big.
She looked at him, curling her lips, uncertain of what might unfold - if anything.
He was not her usual type. Actually, his size and bone structure gave him broad chiselled features typically unappealing to her, but he did carry a handsome demeanour. He was just not the ‘pretty boy’ type she would have normally gone for.
When they had first met, he didn’t particularly interest her at all. As that particular first night went on, and their friends mingled with each other more and more, she couldn’t help but feel a degree of warmth and protection when sitting next to him.
These were not feelings she had necessarily sought after before. She wasn’t the type who wanted, needed or generally pursued to be made felt safe or secure by anyone.
Standing in front of him now in the hallway, he openly confessed to her.
“I don’t really want to go...”
He ran his hand softly down her arm from her slender shoulder. The odd rough sound of snagging and resistance given from his mildly calloused hand drew her attention, reminding her of his working lifestyle.
Affectionately, she tilted her head, turning her cheek inward to his gesture and looked up at him.
His hand found hers and he held it, raising it up in front of them both.
Her heart fluttered slightly and she impulsively took a half step closer towards him.
“I don’t really want you to go either.” She replied in a half whisper.
She somehow knew she would probably fall for him, if she hadn’t started to already.
His hand almost engulfed hers. The open expression she gave on her face as she looked into his eyes, did not reflect how she was gently playing with and massaging his fingers with her own.
She moved in closer toward him, into his space.
‘I’m inviting you.’ She thought to herself with a hint of agitation. She delivered the internal dialogue outwardly for her face and eyes to communicate.
To her quiet delight in the silence, he almost immediately responded and met her.
He let go of her hand and she pressed her palms flat against his chest, and he held her, breasts pressing into his torso.
She had to look up to meet his face, as he looked down upon her.
She could feel his heart beating a steady and determined rhythm, pounding heavily from within his chest and into her palms. His increasing desire for her resonating from his very core.
With one hand on her lower back and the other between her shoulders, she was being held. Their thighs began gently swaying together in unison and in a tender rhythm.
She wanted him to have her. She was going to have him - This man she’d found, who’s beating heart thumped through her as if wanting to dance alongside her own.
A touch of dampness could be felt from between her legs. A realisation that brought with it a dull and yearning ache.
They began to kiss, pausing for brief moments as they read one another’s eyes - guiding each other, communicating, beginning to making love.
She could feel through his jeans, his member swelling. It’s length pressing and running against her lower stomach and over her womb area.
How she wanted to expose his restrained and restricted cock, to welcome and receive it in her hands. To feel it throb and twitch as the blood from his heart fired through explosively to fill it.
To satisfy the thought, she moved her hand down from his chest and over his belly and waist to cup his struggling, heaving bulge.
Their increasingly heated kissing broke under a shared gasp of heightening sexual tension.
They relaxed their embrace of each other as if to momentarily take stock of themselves.
As they did so, he squeezed her, gently lifting up her buttocks and separating them slightly inside her jeans.
She instantly felt an electrifying spasm. The mild stretching of her skin as he picked her bottom up, unexpectedly tugged on her pussy from inside her moistened panties. The lips motioning together before slightly parting.
Caught off guard, she let out a spontaneous whimper and stood on tiptoe to fall against him.
On a primal level, his size and strength could almost command one’s submission. She knew by his character however, that he was not one to force or impose any such means of subjugation on her.  Plus mentally, she was likely, more powerful than he was anyway.  That in itself, was enough to turn her on.
She was no weak girl and enjoyed the comfortable position of empowerment she got by being with him.
He was no doormat though, and was not unaware of how things were between them. The simple fact was they had a mutual respect for each other. They allowed each other to take control, and for this moment at least, he was her man. She wanted him. Feelings, she could tell were reciprocated by him in an equal measure.
Pulling on his belt buckle she undid his jeans. As they fell to hang on his middle thighs, his cock revealed itself to the ceiling.
Immediately she took it in one hand and pushed the foreskin back. Crystal clear pre-cum smeared in her palm and left a little trail along her inner wrist.
He was of slightly less than average size, this being of course not the first time she’d seen him, she was also aware of how small he felt he was. After all he was a big guy and in his own hands, it was easy for him to come to an unfair conclusion about himself. At least that was how she had previously explained it to him in an attempt to ease his mind.
Had that been just pillow talk? She knew in herself that of course it probably was.  She had after all, had bigger, but he knew how to fuck - her at least.
She knelt down before him.
“You’re wet, honey...” She quietly informed him, touching the tip of his penis to play with some of the fluid that was leaking from him.
“I know. I...” She cut him off from delivering his reply.
Indulging her appetite for his member she encased his weeping helmet in her mouth.  
Sucking, she pushed forward - almost until her nose was in his pubic thatch - swallowing the near whole length of his member before withdrawing and letting him go.
She could hear him as he drew in a deep breath, sucking through his teeth.  How she loved having his cock in her mouth at last.
“Baby, you nearly made me cum with that...” He gently exclaimed with a hue of desperation. She felt his hand stroke her head, and she looked up, briefly smiling him an acknowledgement.
She knew it was probably only a half-truth, but she loved his sense of openness. He allowed her to see him for who he was. She trusted him, and wanted to be the one who made him cum. But not yet.
Taking off his trousers properly, she watched him as he knelt down to meet her on his knees and he kissed her.
The thought of him kissing her, made her dizzy and she closed her eyes.
She knew she must have the taste of his cock in her mouth, and yet his tongue and lips attended her without hesitation.
She felt a hand reach behind her head and scrunch up the hair in a fist.  She loved the feeling of him gently tugging and controlling her. Imagining it to be like a wolf or bear taking control it’s mischievous and playful young, she began to fumble at undoing the buttons of her own trousers.
There was no problem in managing the top button, but beyond that, a small struggle broke out. As they stopped kissing, she began to feel him watch her, patiently, holding her thighs with his hands.
Her lip curled and she looked at him, hinting at her difficulty.
“Right.” He said standing up.
“Fuck this.”
Before she knew it, in each hand he grabbed the bottoms of her trouser legs and pulled. She found her self being pulled off balance, and rolled back onto her elbows as her hips lifted from the floor.
With a short yank followed by a gentle pull, her trousers slid off, socks and all. She was left, exposed before him. Her knees bent and hanging open, revealed to him her smooth, well filled out legs and thighs, leading to her panties and crotch.
She watched him casually toss the bundle to one side, and caught him enjoying a smile of satisfaction with what he’d achieved.
Just in her top and panties, she looked up at him unsure if she was agitated, or somewhat impressed, but definitely felt the difference in room temperature on her naked thighs and between her legs.  She hadn’t realised how heated she’d been getting until now. They’d hardly done anything!
The air lay a soothing cool around her loins as she enjoyed gently parting and closing her raised knees in soft waving motions.
“You’re such a bloody oaf!” She criticised, with a half smile.
He grinned, stepping closer to her and taking off his t-shirt.
She realised in an instant that she could now have him if she wanted, and being true to her nature, wasted no time in losing the opportunity!
With one foot behind his heel and the other swiftly pushing heartily against his torso, he dropped to the floor with a grunt, and lay momentarily stunned on his back.
Not giving a second, she crawled up, sat on and straddled his upper chest making herself comfortable before looking down at him.
“Taekwondo just happened there baby!” She smiled victoriously over her defeated man.
He seemed relatively un-phased, a little breathless, maybe.  It was like he’d been shot half docile by a tranquillizer gun. She tried not to let her amusement show, and kissed him quickly on the lips.
Strands of  her made-up hair flowed down over her face, as it began to lose structure.
Letting it cascade down to meet him, she moved her neck and head from left to right so the thin, individual ropes would trail over his chest and nipples as she intended a playful irritation.
Clearly having the desired effect, his lips tensed in restraint. She then blew them to one side with the corners of her mouth and his hot breath met her inhalations.
As he lay there, she could feel his chest expanding and contracting underneath her, raising her and letting her down. She soon came to realise that the time on top of her mountain, might be coming to a close, if he so chose it.
He began to rub and stroke his hands on her naked legs and hips, encouraging her to motion further north upon him.
She reached back and found his half flaccid member. She felt it in her hand. It was warm and silky as she ran her thumb over his tip, spreading a thin coat of liquid in her palm.
He let out a small moan as she twisted and turned the foreskin of his cock a couple of degrees, before pulling it up and down and rotating the movement.
Blood began to rush into his tissue. Tissue she could feel pulsating and throb as she helped to complete his erection.
‘I’ve never been with a man before, whom without cumming, can produce so much fluid!’ She thought to herself as her massaging hand slickened over his pole.
He lay there, looking at her taking deep and controlled breaths through his nose.
She cupped and held his testicles momentarily, pulling on them gently. He let out a restrained groan of vulnerability, but she brought them back, gently massaging him in assurance.
After spending a brief moment to enjoy their current position, she edged her self up closer towards his neck.
She felt his hands assist her in moving, pulling her bum up towards him.
His eyes gazed at her knowingly and with anticipation, kneading her hips with his hands inside her panties.
She leaned back and pulled off her shirt and felt as he began to run his hands over her smooth belly and torso.
This was really the only point at which she herself felt a hint of nervousness.  Her breasts, mostly un-revealed, sat in their bra. She tried to bunch them up in her arms and shoulders for him, trying to pronounce them further, before releasing.
She had, as she would have it, little tits. But she tried not to let any of her thoughts or fears cause any disruption.  In her history, with the handful of lovers and boyfriends she had been with, she had so far been successful.
Most men didn’t care too much anyway, it seemed.  Nothing had ever been said to her, and in her mind, nor should it.
Strong-minded she was - but not without insecurity.  She knew what she had, and right now what she had was a guy underneath her, who’s eyes were appraising her body with a pleasing delight. His slightly rough hands fondling her - touching, holding and celebrating her.
“Come here baby, let’s place yourself up here so I can kiss it for a while...” He affectionately urged.
She smiled and willingly obliged him. Edging her thighs and undercarriage over his mouth, he began to kiss her mound.
His lips and mouth pulling at her soft flesh through her panties and she could feel his tongue trying to probe through the damp cotton. She pressed her clitoris into his nose and made gentle gyrations.
Running her hands through his hair, she paused to pull the crotch of her panties to one side. In an instant he sunk his tongue inside her attending its silky smooth and shallow walls.  He made deep and rhythmic upward licking strokes - following the line of her swelling wet lips towards her sensitive clit, sucking and flicking her with his mouth and tongue.
The feeling was incredible and she complimented the sensations by lifting and releasing her breasts inside her bra with her hands.
Sucking on her finger, she enjoyed carefully thrusting her crotch to him in short gentle motions.
As he nipped her clitoris between his lips and buried his tongue inside her tunnel, she could tell he was in heaven, and she wasn’t too far behind.
Every time he returned to thrusting his tongue inside her, she was becoming increasingly wet for him.  She could feel and hear him trying to regulate his breathing as he worked on her, panting and giving out the odd muffled grunt of approval.
The tidy little sounds she could hear escaping from her pussy down below - the slurping and smacking made from his eager efforts, were set to increase the rising tide of her excitement.
Instinctively, she became more aggressive with her motions. Her pussy slid up and down his lower face, swallowing the contours and protrusions of his lips, tongue and nose.  She could feel an orgasm beginning to rise from within her, and she ran her nails down his arms.
He clasped her, pushing his hand into her lower belly and gripped her hips, taking control.
She let out a long, pitched hum, and biting down on her bottom lip, could feel herself cumming.
She gripped his forearms for stability and his hands held her. Her face and chest flushed hot with energy, and she could feel damp perspiration down the middle of her back and on her forehead.
Shuddering and bucking convulsively as her internal muscles wound up tight she cried out, clasping her bottom lip in her teeth.  She released, exploding.
Juices flowed from between her legs and he sucked and kissed her open pussy, enjoying her with every moment as she neared the completion of satisfying herself on his face.
Finally she slowed down.  Her heavy panting and breathing becoming gradually reduced, she played out a tuneful and breezy exhalation.
Holding his face in her hands exhausted, she slid down his chest and belly with some ease, leaving behind a wet trail, and gave him a slow and deep kiss.
She affectionately dotted his face and lips with a series of many smaller kisses, seeing to the moist leavings of her orgasm.
Like two animals in partnership, they attended to each other.
He smiled and ran his hands over her head, holding her hair back to look at her.
“Lucky for my ego...” He started,
“...You cum fairly easily honey.” He smiled at her, and she sighed.
“No, not always,” She confessed.
“But you know, it’s always different.... Today, we have been good!” She openly confirmed, offering to him her connection as a lover.
He hummed in recognition.
For a moment she thought it strange. His hand disappeared down by his side and he seemed to be distracted, but then she began to feel something probing at her, from behind.
To her confusion he raised himself up onto his elbows, and she fell back. Half shocked she gave out a sudden, deep gasp.
A rush of ecstasy measured up her in an instant, as his erect cock slid straight up inside her pussy without any resistance.
It felt like thunder!
His unexpected intrusion filled her and sent a rush of electricity through her loins.
She couldn’t move.
“Oh, shit yes!” He moaned, and unclipped her bra, lifting it off her breasts and releasing them. He ran his hands down her moist spine and squeezed her buttocks. She leaned back and looked at him.
“Fuck me?” She asked, in a heavy but feminine voice.
She wanted him to have his turn. To enjoy her, and take her for all she had to offer.
“I will honey.” He confirmed, and he began to thrust his erection inside her.
She half straddled him, feeling his member penetrate and indulge itself within her. She let his hips fire and buck in any motion that they desired.
His erection, seeped all the while inside her, collecting and mixing with her own waters, forming a creamy lather around her opening, and at the base of his cock.
His pubic thatch felt wet and matted from each time it met her crotch, as their clammy genitals rode into and against each other.
She reached behind and cupped his testicles again and held them in her hand, unintentionally tugging on them as his thrusting jolted her.
She could tell he was trying not to waste an inch of his length as he repeatedly fed her his six inches.
Initially she had wished he had a little more girth to his tool, but found it didn’t matter too much, as she angled herself slightly, he skilfully met with her - his penis running with a solid direction into and against the roof of her pussy, striking her g-spot hard each and every time.
She closed her eyes to feel his rod massaging the inside of her in successive thrusting motions.
Occasionally she found herself having to move back a little as the tip of his cock would accidentally punch against her cervix.
His heavy moaning made her aware of his enjoyment.
“Can you turn over and get on all fours for me?” He asked her. She nodded and they slowed to a halt.
His cock still within her, she let go of his balls and swivelled round to face away from him. He pushed her up and forwards onto her hands and knees with his hips and legs. He now became invisible to her, she gasped as she could only feel him manoeuvring her with brute force.
She suddenly questioned herself as to whether something was wrong or not, because he unexpectedly pulled out. She then felt him slide her panties all the way down her legs.
Climbing out of them, she noticed their dampness as they twisted up around her legs on their way down, and getting hooked on her foot. She kicked them to one side before repositioning herself on all fours again.
“Sit tight honey...” His voice reached over to her, and she felt him fumbling around on the floor.
Waiting there, looking down, she was surprised to see a pair of feet, followed by legs, appear from underneath her.
“Baby?” She giggled,
“What are you doing?” If she could see, he was now sitting upright on the floor with her elevated buttocks in front of his face. Her buttocks, which she could feel him starting to kiss and gently squeeze.
“Oh!” She realised, and felt his hands pull at her and part her bum.
She felt his wet lips and tongue begin to kiss and lick her little pink button.
At first it tickled her and she tried not to flinch, but as he continued she felt herself begin to relax.
She was amazed by how much pent up stress tension she had been carrying with her up ‘til now. However she knew it would gloriously evaporate and disappear when he carefully and lovingly attended her rear.
“Honey...” She moaned to him. He couldn’t see her after all, but she wanted him to know just how good it felt - and feel good it did.
His kisses made tight snapping noises as he sucked tongued at her tender bum hole.
Eventually he responded to her.
“...I love it like this baby.” She heard.
“You are my sweet, sexy girl...” He reaffirmed his loving confession by delivering a deep and gentle probe with his tongue into her anus.
She felt it slide inside her rear. Warm, soft and wet.
She felt cradled and in the complete centre of attention. His tongue retracting and re-inserting itself in her.
She let out a gasp.
A finger ran inside her now gaping vagina.
She could feel him running his finger over the swollen sensitive ridges of her internal pussy lining, massaging, as he simultaneously French kissed her backside, sucking it.
She bucked back into him, quivering as he inserted another finger, exploring her pussy further and deeper.
After some seconds, he pulled his fingers out from inside her wet snatch, and she felt him massage her anus.
He slipped a thumb into her pussy, and began again with the massaging motions. At the same time, she could feel the shallow exploration and movement of his pussy-wet finger upon her anus.
He increasingly concentrated the pressure around her back door button, and she began to take long, deliberate, deep breaths as if they were coming and going from her belly.
In a gentle instant as she deeply inhaled , he entered her, sliding his finger through her anus and into her cavity, holding it there.
The initial feeling of discomfort soon faded and gave way to a most pleasant sensation.
He began to play with her, holding her in both holes, pulling and pushing her gently between finger and thumb. It was a though he had a complete hold of her, and she didn’t want to be let go.
Again he started to kiss her buttocks, trying to suck them open with his mouth.
As he held her with his careful grip in one hand, he rested a warm palm on her lower back, stroking her - a reassuring feeling she appreciated.
Reaching back between her legs, she found her clitoris with her fingers, and rubbed herself with circular motions.
He eased his finger in a little deeper, to it’s middle knuckle. It was far enough, and he proceeded to rub his finger and thumb together inside her, feeling them on each other through the tissue wall that separated her rectum and vagina. .
She broke out an impulsive moan of stimulation as he began to simultaneously jiggle her holes. Slowly at first then building to a flurrying action with his wrist.
Her whole lower to mid section and breasts wobbled with his toying.
Feeling almost wholly consumed, she could hear her sopping wet pussy smacking under his manipulation and felt his finger pressing down, against her vagina from the other side of her rectal wall, slightly stretching her anus open at the same time.
She couldn’t see how the inside of her legs glistened from her seeping pussy, but she was aware of how wet she had become.
He slowed down to a more steady rhythm.
“Honey I want to feel you inside me...”
“Ok...” He spoke in a heavy breath.
Calmly and slowly he withdrew his digits. She felt carefully, as his finger exited her back passage with a single slow glide.
Again he spent some moments, to her delight, kissing her arse hole.
She turned around to see him climb back to a kneeling position behind her, and he guided his cock in to her pussy.
That’s what she wanted to feel again, missing his member rubbing inside of her.
He began to pump her, slapping her buttocks and hips. He would gently grope her with his hands to soak and ease away any after-sting and then slap her again.
He humped her, pulling her hair back so her chin would need to lift.
She turned to look at him, whimpering in ecstasy as his cock jolted into her and his soft groans began to turn into harder grunts.
He pounded her, harder and harder until in one moment, he squeezed her hips, pulling himself against her, tight.
Feeling his penis strain within her, his cock suddenly flooded her pussy with semen.
“Oh... shit!”
He groaned, pulling himself out and masturbating still, as hot cum spilled over her arse cheeks, dripping down between her crack and onto the floor below.
A small white stream of liquid flowed out of her.
She reached back to rub the warm, milky and watery sperm over her pussy lips before proceeding to look at her hand.
“Hmmm, baby you did cum!” She slowly sat back around to face him smiling, feeling satisfied.
“You look fucked, honey!” She claimed in observation of him.
He nodded with a small exhausted laugh in agreement. Out of breath and wiped out, he looked as though he could barely support himself.
She climbed over to him, her legs bowing over each other, and they gently collapsed together on the floor. She held him as he tried to gather his breath, which he did slowly in between kissing her breasts, shoulders and neck. His hot breath almost burning on her skin.
Unwittingly, she glanced over behind them both, suddenly making a double -take.
She froze up.
In a small state of shock, she shook at his shoulders, taking him away from his doting kisses.
His breathing was now at a more steady rate, and he looked at her
“What is it?” He asked her with an unsure curiosity.
“Honey, the next time we do this...” She began, her tone shifting between half panic and humour.
“Yeah honey?” He poked her, trying to urge out more.
“...shall we close the front door!?”  She pointed behind him with her eyes and he turned his head.
Now holding her laughter in her hands, it registered with him that the front door had been left completely wide open with a perfect view on to the street outside and neighbouring houses over the road.
“What did you do with my trousers??” She asked, laughing.

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