Straight To You

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So this was inspired by the song Straight To You by Josh Groban, Love that song! I really like this story and I hope you do to. Its unedited so there might be a couple wierd spots in it, and Im sorry if its kinda cliche in the end but whatever. XD

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



The walls caved and crumble around me

My world was ending

The earth shook under my feet

In a split second Hevan and Hell flashed before my eyes

Then I was back in my own world

The light that just moments ago streamed through the window was slashed away and replaced with an eerie reddish shadow

Everything seemed to start melting all around me

The sharp claws of fear wrapped itself around my soul and I felt tears run down my cheeks

But none of this mattered

All I could think about was him and his sweet embrace that I knew would protect me from the God's anger at the world

I ran

I ran as fast as I could to find my love

Through the darkness and sharp edges

I paid no attention to the lost lives around me

There was nothing I could do for them

Fear melted off me like heavy wax

I felt my legs slowing and my body screamed at me

But I would not stop

I would never stop until I found him and knew he was safe

The sea showed its rage and lightning crackled around me

I craved for his tender touch that always sent my skin blazing

My feet ran faster than ever before

My heartbeat rang in my ears

The air tasted metalic

But I kept running

Finaly, finaly I reach him

I jump into his arms that seemed to be made just for me

His smooth dark wings wrapped themselves around me like a protective layer

He gave me a crushing hug and he whispered sweet things in my ear

Our lips met and he gave me a kiss that left me breathless

I looked up at him and his eyes were filled with pure love

I wanted this moment to never end but the deafening clap of thunder gave a strong reminder of the reality

We spent our last moments together watching the mysterious moon in eachothers arms at peace

We didn't know what waited for us in the end but we had eachother and nothing could ever break us apart

I love you, He whispered

I love you too, I whispered one last time.

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