My Gun Between Your Teeth.

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Bang Bang.

Submitted: August 07, 2008

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Submitted: August 07, 2008



How did the barrel my gun feel in between your teeth?
Did the warm, smooth metal blanket the fact that I held your life in my hands?
Or did it only escalate the feeling that your life could be at an end?
What was running through your mind as I pushed it further in your mouth?
Were you wondering how I could be doing this?
Why I was doing it?
When you started to cry, to weep,did you think I didn't care?
What were you trying to tell me?
Did you wonder why I listened to your muffled words without removing the gun to hear you better?
Did you ever stop to think that it was your fault?
And I didn't want to hear what you wanted to say?
Maybe a part of me didn't want to do it, but you'll never know will you?
You flinched when I pulled the trigger, did it hurt?
Or was it over too fast to feel anything?
Did you hear what I said before I pulled the trigger?
No, I don't suppose you did.
I didn't say them outloud.
I couldn't.
Since there was the barrel of my gun between my teeth,
our teeth,
before I pulled the trigger.

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