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A poem about the masks you wear in a relationship, whether this are masks in the literal sense or masques as in masqued ball.

Also can be a series of questions asked by one half of a realtionship to their partner when they are not certain what sort of answer they are going to recieve.

As a relationship begins to break down there are more questions than answers......

Submitted: September 18, 2007

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Submitted: September 18, 2007




Can you see the masks ?

Can you see the face we hide ?

Can you brush love's cobwebs from your face ?

Can you unweave the web and let this prisoner fly ?


I keep my mask shut tight

Hide away my heart unused to the light

I stay my tongue

I reel and burn from another fight


Can you dance for my masquerade ?

All wrapped in your silken gown ?

The red masque will dance tonight

A delicate waltz through those left to drown


I can still taste the apples

Bitter from the twisted orchard

The snake whispers

And Eden is fallen


Can you take the bitter from the suite ?

A bitter suit plays a funeral dirge

Dance for the wake

Dance for the dying heart


I can waltz for you

I can taste the decayed decadence

I can dance in Vienna

I can courte the falling Eve


Can you take my desolate heart ?

Can you pick pandora's box ?

With my hair, just a lock

Can you pick the cards and dance ?


I can open your mask

I can tell whats left behind

I can see the parted tide

I can scream the silence away


Can you fill the silent hollow ?

Can you take the last bitter swallow ?

Can you mix the poison ?

Can you give the dose as I sleep ?


I can take the bread and taste the wine

I can taste the bitter cud

I can take your heart

I can see your black blood


Can you take the mask and breathe ?

Can you hold a heart in your hand ?

Can you feel a life in vein ?

Can you open a wonded heart ?


I can dance with the dead

I can walk with the angels

I can chase the dragons

I can fight the deamons


Can you feel the whips ?

Can you trace the leather ?

Can you touch your bondage ?

Can you remember Satin and Chrome ?


I can bind you forever

I can take you and make you scream

I can tear the tear from your eyes

I can make your nightmares come true


Can you remember how you danced ?

Can you reveal your nakedness ?

Can you remember how to come for me ?

Can you open yourself for me ?


I can burn my heart

I can cauterize my wounds

I can exorcise the memory

I drive the memories further down


Can you hold the sacred ?

Can you feel how it burns ?

Can you stand naked before the cross ?

Can you drive in the last nails ?


I can bite into the forbidden fruit

I can feel the juice run down my leg

I can kiss your holy sacred lips

I can still be dammed


Can you see the distance ?

Can you cross the miles ?

Can you steer by the stars ?

Can you find safe harbour ?


I cannot see through the masks

I cannot see through the haze

I cannot redeem my sins

I cannot find absolution


I cannot fix what is broken

I cannot fight anymore

I cannot flee from the field

I cannot wash the blood from my hands


I cannot silence the drums

I cannot send the soliders back home

I cannot lower my defences

I cannot see the common ground


I cannot unload my gun

I cannot unfire the bullets

I cannot heal your wounds

I cannot fix a broken heart


I cannot call off the wolves

I cannot unhear their howls

I cannot stop screaming inside

I cannot undo what I have done


I cannot live in dreams

I cannot build your castle

I cannot fight the dragon

I cannot save the fair maiden


I cannot escape my destiny

I cannot run from my past

I cannot pay the bounty

I cannot escape the price on my head


All I can create is desolation

All I feel is desperation

All I have is descruction

All I want is oblivion


All you have is a pyre

All you have is a funeral

All you have is sterile

All you have is a mess from the seed


All we have is masks

All we have is ghosts

All we have is a dirge

All we have is a wake


Can you awake from the wake ?

Can you open the casket ?

Can you raise the dead ?

Can you raise me ?


I can raise myself for you

I can wrap myself in you

I can be deep within you

I can find love inside you


Can you mend what is broken ?

Can you repair the rift ?

Can you make what we need ?

Can you carry our love ?


Can you heal me ?

Can you soothe me ?

Can you kiss away the tears ?

Can you love me ?


All we have are questions

All we need are answers

All we have is fallen

All we need is passion

Only one more question..........

Can you ?

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