The Great Game

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Submitted: November 21, 2013

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Submitted: November 21, 2013



Kate : ok lets think about this for one minute.

James: whats there to think about?

Kate: the kid." Kate said looking at the teenage boy on the  floor tied up and unconsious.

James: we can throw him into the river and that will be that. Master won't kill us then he'll think we didn't find the chosen boy.

Kate: and if that girl he was with reaches Master or the Elder before we do?

James looked at Kate and then the boy who shifted and started to wake up. James did not tell Kate who had her back to the boy.

James: they will likely kill her and the history will be changed in the organizations favor.

Kate: why did we get stuck with the assignment of killing the supreme ruler of our time? i like the guy hes friendly and we get more money than we would get if our master was ruler.

James: so you think we should let him live?

Kate: yes, not only that but we have to make this seem like a dream to him. it's going to be hard but we have to do it. we can watch him and help him inprove that machine that he tried to make in our time so we can make him better for the futre.

James: ok we need to look like the kids of his age then.

Kate smiled and flipped her hair and her short red hair grew longer and curled. she still wore her unifrom which changed to a private school uniform her blue eyes popping with the colors she chose for the uniform. "there your turn"

James: hmmmmmm " he said as his long black hair shortened and his muscled body  tan and he made his amber eyes stand out more with a black private school uniform for they boys. his looked like the one the boy was wearing only his red bottoned down was not covered by a sweater and he looked more like a mysteriou boy than a rule follower.

James: there now we need to get him on a side walk by the school.

Kate: why?

James: just go with it, trust me i have an idea.

they both bent over and grabbed the arms of t he boy and teloported him to the side walk infront of the stairs to the school. 

Kate: lets just kneel over him.

James: okay but then don't talk let me do the talking.

Kate: you got it chief. ( she said playfully puching his arm)

Alexander: the light from the sun hurt his eyes and there was people over him. he blinked and tried to sit up. he had to get away from those people.

Kate: James he's coming around (she said in her best girly- girl voice and suprisingly it worked)

James: well look whos finally up.

Alexander: who are you, what happened?

James: My name is James and this is Kate my friend, you fell down the stairs and we ran after you when we saw you trip. you've been there for about an hour. we were getting worried.

Alexander: oh

Kate: who are you? what were you doing at school so late anyway?

Alexander: i was doing a project. My name is alexander. now you  said i tripped down the stairs? (he said looking at the strange duo. he could not help but to notice the eyes of the girl and to see that the eyes of the very quiet boy beside her.)

Kate: Kate nodded and smiled as she held out her hand for him to take. "you looked like the death angel had just stabbed you and you froze in mid step. we saw you kinda sway then you just tripped. you need any water? your kind'a pale?

Alexander: um yeah please.( he said taking a deep swig of the bottled water that Kate handed him.) "what about you two why were you at the school so late?"

James: he looked away and said almost as if not caring) "we had buisness to attend to, we had just finished when we saw you. you should be glad Kate here has a heart, I was thinking about leaveing you" (he said and  looked at Alexander.)

Kate looked at James and realized that he was being himself. He was naturally sarcastic and mean he could not help it but now he just seemed more quiet and bad boyish because he looked the part but she loved him fo r that considering they had grown up together.)

Kate: don't be mean James. you know you would have helped him if were by yourself. 9she looked at him as did Alexander.) "maybe you wouldn't have" she said and looked down kind of concentrating.

Alexander: i am glad that you did assist me. i, however, have to be gone i was supposed to be home by now." he said getting up. his legs ached and so did his head but he had to get home.

Alexander: so i'll see you two tomarrow then?

Kate: absolutly!

James looked at him with a kind of scarcastic and synical look. "don't count on it" he said grabbing Kates arm and sppining her around as he walked off leaving Alexander standing there alone. Kate looked at him from over her sholder and waved with a pretty smile on her face.

Kate: whats the big deal?!

James: he likes you and u just met! (he said coming to a stop and whirling around to face her, her face full of surprise. "whats so wrong with that?!" she said looking at her best friend and partner.

James: i just don't want to lose m best friend that easy" he said turning around and walking away leaving her there.

Kate: James!!!!!! wait up please!

James: hmmmmmmmmm" he sighed.

Kate ran in front of him and placed her hand on his strudy shoulder and smiled, "youur not going to lose me that easy. not to mention that you know everything about me and you have been there for me through everthing. im not leaving you any time soon. she smiled and hugged him tightly then they turned and walked down the sidewalk Alexander still watching them. 

Kate: You coming?" she said turning back to him.

James: yeah" 

Alexander: watched them go and looked down his head swirling. 'where was the machine he was working on, did he leave it in the school?' Alexander walked back up the steps slowly looking around, feeling like he had seen a dream. the eyes of his new friends shocked him. The girl, what was her name, Kate?  she had the bluest eyes he had ever seen, and James he had amber eyes, wierd you never see that color any where. why were they so different, why did they stand out so much.




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