Frozen Yogurt

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

The following story is about a brave yet emotionally broken girl who is desprerately trying to deal with her parent's divorce. Jade, the protagonist, is trying to do so with no success. Will Jade find closure with her heart breaking past? Read Frozen Yogurt to find out!

Life sucked. School felt like a waste of time, friends were few, but worst of all, my family life was spinning out of control. My mom had just remarried and I was not okay with it. I know I should have been happy for her, but I wasn't. I dragged my feet along the side walk as I walked home from school. My beach blonde hair flew in the cool, autumn breeze. Beginnings are always the hardest though. At least that's what Mom always said. She told me that when she divorced dad, she said that when she decided to marry stupid Kyle, and she'd probably say it right now after I just experienced my first day of high school. My house came into view as I turned the corner. I really didn't want to go home. Kyle was there. Stupid, ignorant, mean Kyle. As if he pretended to care about me. “How was your day, Jade? What were your teachers like? Could you find all your classes?” It was none of his business. He wasn't my dad and he never would be. It wasn't fair that he could just intrude on Mom, Spencer and me. Life seemed unbearable.

I slowly opened the front door to our new house. Mom had always wanted a light blue, white shuttered house and when she married Kyle, her dream came true. He even kept the lawn and gardens perfect. Who needed any of this? I know I didn't. Mom, Spencer and I were fine before Kyle came around. He was such an intrusion. I heard Kyle call from the kitchen, “Jade, is that you? How was your first day?” I started to move slowly as to not make any noise. I could see right through his whole nice guy facade. I couldn't believe Mom and Spencer were blind to it. I recklessly threw my coat on the ground along with my shoes. Kyle would no doubt be annoyed when he saw it sprawled there. Sucked to be Kyle. He deserved it. He wrecked my life and I planned to do the same to his. I quickly ran up the stairs into my room before Kyle could call out again.

Just as I placed myself in front of my computer, Spencer barged into my room unannounced. “It's called knocking,” I said annoyed. I stayed seated at my desk not bothering to take notice of his unwelcome presence. Of course, this didn't bother him. He took a seat on my bed and started to obnoxiously hum along with the radio. “What do you want?” I angrily swiveled my chair around to

face him. For an older brother he could be pretty cool, but today wasn't one of those times.

Spencer finally explained his presence, “Would you mind doing the dishes for me after supper? I know Kyle has this dumb schedule outlining our chores and tonight I'm on dishes.”

“Where are you going?”, I asked.

“I was going to chill with Ali.”

I slowly rolled my eyes and turned back to my computer. Ali was his new girlfriend who he seemed to be spending all of his free time with.

“I'll only do them if you do my turn tomorrow night.”

Spencer came towards me and gave me a child like pat on the head.

“Deal! You're the best little sister ever!” With that he darted for the door.

Suddenly my phone started to buzz beside my keyboard. It was Clara. I reached for my vibrating phone and began to read her text message.

“Hey Jade! You at home?” I read from my phone screen.

“Sure am,” I answered.

“I'll be there in five!” She responded before my message barely had time to send.

Typical Clara. She was always coming up with plans on the fly. Not that I minded. I didn't get to see her very much at school today, and somehow she had this special way of always being able to make me feel better.

After being online for a couple of minutes, I heard the front door open, and Clara calling out my name. She was the only person I knew who walked into our house without knocking or ringing the doorbell first. I logged out of my computer and quickly made my way down the stairs. “Want to go to Menchies?” Clara called out “It's the perfect place to debrief after one's first day of high school.”

I smiled at her and responded “You know I'm always down for frozen yogurt. Let's do it!” Suddenly Kyle emerged from the kitchen. He walked up to me handing over a crisp twenty dollar bill. He smiled at both of us and said “Have fun you two!” Then he turned towards me, “Try and be back for supper Jade. If something comes up shoot us a text, okay?” I half smiled, murmured that I would, and ushered Clara out the door.

Clara and I made small talk as we walked across my immaculate front lawn. Once we reached the sidewalk we both looked up and noticed the brightly coloured moving truck parked in front of my neighbor's house. A girl our age came out of the enchanted house. My mom always said that if she didn't get our house, this house would've been her next choice. It was bigger than ours, but didn't have the fairy tale appearance that ours did.

Clara, being the brave one, called out to the girl. “Hi, my names Clara! Welcome to the neighbourhood!”

The girl sprinted over to us with her auburn, curls bouncing as she approached us. Clara offered her hand and introduced first herself and then me. The girl offered a shy smile and told us that her name was Arielle. I hesitantly asked her, “Like Princess Arielle?”

She shot me a heart warming smile and answered “I guess it could be like the princess. That would've been cool. My name's actually from the Bible.” I tried to hide my look of shock. Did that mean she was a Christian? She seemed pretty cool to be a Christian. Clara burst my train of thought as she then asked Arielle if she would like to join us on our frozen yogurt run. Arielle said that she would love to, but would first have to check with her parents. After running into the house she soon resurfaced giving us a thumbs up.


Menchies was packed. We had trouble finding three seats, but eventually spotted some near the back of the brightly coloured building. The seating area was usually jam packed, but the frozen yogurt never disappointed us. That's why Clara and I loved to go there. Clara, Arielle, and I took our seats and started digging into our bowls right away.

Clara took a break from her vanilla frozen yogurt and asked Arielle, “Where are you going to be going school?”

Arielle answered after finishing her mouth full, “Royal Eastwood, is that where you guys go?”

Most kids who went to Royal Eastwood were thought to be snobby and mean. Although I had never met any kids from Eastwood personally. I had always just chosen to believe the rumors. Thankfully I recovered from my shock and could answer her hanging question.

“No, we go to the Collingwood High School. It's down the road from Eastwood. That's the private Christian school, right?”

Arielle cheerfully answered, “Yes, it is. I'm excited to go there. I hear great things about it.”

The conversation began to fall silent when Clara's phone started to ring. It was her parents calling asking for her to come home. Arielle and I decided that we wanted to stay a bit longer. I would usually have taken the excuse to leave because I'm not one to try and make new friends or sit with a complete stranger, but Arielle seemed nice enough and I wasn't quite ready to go home. Any excuse to evade Kyle was usually taken.

Standing up, Clara said, “Nice to meet you Arielle. See you tomorrow Jade.”

She smiled and waved as she exited the building.

I really wanted to ask Arielle about her name. Since Clara had left, I thought it was the perfect time. Clara wouldn't have been interested. She had always told me that Christians were fake and annoying. I think she got those ideas from her parents who were hard core atheists. Personally, I wasn't so sure. Arielle didn't seem fake or annoying so obviously not all Christians were bad. That was, if Arielle even was a Christian.

“Arielle, can I ask you question?”I turned in my seat to make better eye contact with her.

“Sure, go for it,” She smiled at me with her mile wide, movie star grin.

“I was just wondering about your name. If it's from the Bible does that mean you have a Bible? Or like, are you a Christian? I'm sorry if this is too personal. I just....I like your name.” I wasn't really sure how to word it and it all seemed to come out as one continual word instead of seperate sentences. I was glad when she didn't look at me funny or with disgust.

“To answer your first question, yes, we have a bible. Yes, I'm a Christian. That isn't too personal. And thank you. I like your name too.”

We both started to laugh at the awkwardness of the whole ordeal. Once we were over it, I started to talk again. This time trying to make my sentences come out as individual sentences.

“I've never had a Christian friend before. You seem pretty with it. I mean with your clothes and such.”

Her phone started to go off . It was her parents texting for her to come home. I decided that I should probably head back too.

We left Menchies and started on our way. As we were making our way she turned to me and said, “Well I think you're pretty with it too. I mean with your clothes and such.” She said it in a teasing way and I couldn't help but laugh. From that moment I could tell we were going to be good friends.

We were nearing home when she stopped walking to turn and face me. Her smile had faded and she seemed to be in a more serious mood now. “ Jade, if you want to meet more Christian friends you could always come to church with me on Sunday. I haven't actually been to this church before, with us just moving and all, but I bet there'll be Christian teens there. Who are just as with it as I am.” I wasn't sure how to respond. I was semi interested in the offer, but definitely not ready to commit to such plans. So I opted with saying no, but saying no nicely. I didn't want to offend my new friend. I slowly said, “Oh, actually, that's ok. Thanks for the offer though. I've never been to church before, my mom might not like it if I went, and Sunday is usually my sleep in day.”

“That makes sense,” she said genuinely, not seeming hurt by my decline. “If you ever change your mind though I'd love to have you join me.” The smile was back and we were back to walking again as well. Once making it back to our houses, we exchanged numbers, and I promised that I would text her sometime to make plans again.


The rest of the week flew by until Thursday night rolled around. Like usual, mom was out working late. She seemed to always be working late these days. I guess it was the life of a lawyer. She always said that she loved her job and didn't mind working late as long as she was productive. Only Kyle, Spencer and I were home. I was in my room doing homework. Instead of turning on my radio I decided to listen to Spencer argue with Kyle about having to do the dishes. I felt bad for Kyle. Spencer could be really mean sometimes. He had a way with words and I knew from experience that his words could really hurt. Kyle definitely got the worst of those mean words too which made me feel bad for him. I mean, I still could have done without Kyle, but he didn't deserve that much hate. My computer suddenly went off, signaling that I had a new email. Reading the message would be a good distraction from the yelling that was still going on downstairs. Getting emails was usually a good experience until I saw who this one was from. It was from Albert Brown. Had dad really written me an email? I had to read it to find out. Although I wasn't sure if I wanted to. After thinking about it for a solid thirty second I opened it and began to read it slowly:

Hello Jade,

How's life over there in Ontario with Mom and Spencer? I miss you guys so much. I know I haven't written for a long time, but that's only because I've been busy getting my life on track. Now that I'm sober and have a job I know I'm ready to be apart of your life again. I hope you're ready too. I hope you can forgive me for all that I've done. I never meant to hurt you, Spencer, or mom as bad as I did. I'm asking for your forgiveness because I really am sorry.

Maybe you could come visit me this summer in Alberta.

I'd love for you to stay with me.

I miss you and I love you.


I began to murmur some choice words under my breath. I could feel a headache coming on. Why had he bothered to write now? I thought we had both mutually agreed to forget about each other's existence. He couldn't just pop up in my life like this. It wasn't fair. I mean I love him. I mean I think I do. He's my dad. You're supposed to love your dad. Should I tell Spencer about this? I definitely couldn't tell mom. She wouldn't take it well. I knew this letter would make all the hurt resurface that had finally begun to go away. In all honesty, she had just began to smile again. I couldn't erase that smile with this insensitive letter dad had decided to write.

A light knock came from my partly open door. “Come in”, I quietly uttered to the unexpected visitor. Kyle slowly emerged from the hall way. He smiled at me and walked over to my bed to sit down. I guess he had finished arguing with Spencer. I could hear Spencer running the kitchen sink down stairs.

Kyle finally broke the silence and said, “I got two sens tickets for the game tomorrow night. You want to go? ”

“Maybe, I don't know”, I said in a dreary voice while trying to hold back tears. Usually I would've been thrilled about such news, but the email from my dad was still weighing on me.

Kyle seemed to notice my distress. He adjusted himself on the bed and moved closer to me. He then asked, “What's up Jade?” in his smooth, always caring voice. My mind raced a million miles a minute. I wasn't sure if I could share such confidential information with him, but I also knew that I couldn't keep this news to myself either. I leisurely turned back to my computer screen and carefully read the letter to Kyle.

After reading the letter I expected Kyle to be confused, or upset, or I don't even know. I just didn't expect him to say what he did.

“Want to go to Menchies?”

“Are you kidding? It's late and I have school tomorrow. We can't go to Menchies.”, I retorted.

“Sure we can. It's only seven and I'll let you sleep in tomorrow. I think this situation really needs Menchies.”

I could feel my mood lifting, and after a bit more convincing , I finally agreed. We got up and left right away. As we walked we started making small talk. As I walked in the door I could not have been more excited. There was something about this quaint little shop that lifted my mood. I raced over to the counter where one gets a bowl. Kyle, having never been there before, looked unsure about it all.

“Do I grab a bowl with or without a waffle cone in it?”, Kyle asked.

“The waffle cone ones are an extra dollar. I guess it's your decision.”

It was interesting seeing Kyle in this environment. I could tell he wasn't in his element. He was a doctor for goodness sake. He was used to being in control and keeping his cool, but with all the options and uncertainty he seemed a bit frazzled. I decided I better help him out. I showed him how to work the levers and which flavors were the best. He ended up with the cheesecake frozen yogurt and a heaping of sprinkles. I got the same.

Unlike last time, the place wasn't full. We found a table right away near the window. After getting seated Kyle finally brought up the letter.

“What are you going to do about the email from your dad?”

“I don't know,” I responded. “I guess I'll write him back. I should, right? He deserves a response.”

“It's your decision. Although, I'd have to agree. I think he deserves a response.”

We both started to munch on our cheesecake frozen yogurt. It tasted delicious. It was probably the best bowl of frozen yogurt I'd ever had there.

“Kyle?” I finally said.

“Yeah Jade?”

“Thanks for the frozen yogurt. It tastes really good.”

“You're welcome Jade.”

We kept silent for a bit. I could tell that he wasn't going to push me to talk, but at the same time would listen if I wanted to. I appreciated that. As much as I loved my mom she wasn't really around long enough to talk. She always seemed to be working. Finally, I broke the ice. I started talking and talking and talking. I don't know what hit me. Maybe it was the silence, the frozen yogurt, or the feelings which I had been keeping inside for too long. I told Kyle everything. I told him how I felt about mom and dad getting divorced. I told him that I felt as if I'd been torn in two and how I still felt a dull ache to this day. I told him how I wondered if I would ever be able to get over it. I told him that he was nice and how I was sorry for being mean all this time. He just smiled and seemed to understand. So I kept on going. I told him about my first day of school and how horrible it was. I told him that only one of my teachers seemed friendly, I had lost my lunch money, and that I was late to half of my classes. I then told him about my new friend Arielle and how she had invited me to church. I told him that I wasn't going to go, but I wanted to be a good friend and would maybe join her one day. I didn't tell him that I was personally interested. I wasn't ready to share that with anybody yet. Finally, I stopped talking. I couldn't think of anything else to say and I could tell that Menchies was about to close. The person at the register was starting to cash up. Kyle offered a smile and asked if he could give me a hug. I ran over to his side of the table and gave him one. Some how I wonder if he needed it just as much as I did. We both got up from the table and started to leave. I felt as if a huge stack of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders. It was a good feeling and I hadn't felt it in a long time. Who knew frozen yogurt could bring people together like this? Kyle and I walked home side by side. The cool, autumn breeze didn't seem so cold as it had before.

Upon arriving home I began to get myself ready for bed. I felt a lot better. Maybe life wasn't as horrible as I had previously thought. The wind seeping through my window was the perfect temperature and my bed felt as if I was lying on a cloud. My eye lids began to grow heavy. Before I completely drifted off into the world of slumber I decided to whisper aloud some sort of a prayer. I wasn't really sure how prayer worked, but I knew it was needed. Only a powerful God could have brought about the miracle of what happened today and He needed to be thanked. I couldn't remember the last time I had shared my feelings like I had with Kyle today. I couldn't remember the last time that I had honestly felt so incredibly happy and blessed. I finished my awkward prayer and rolled over. Next time I saw Arielle I'd have to ask her how one is really supposed to pray. Also, I'd have to ask her if I could go to church with her on Sunday. I'd have to talk to my mom about it, but either way I knew it was something I wanted to do.  

Submitted: May 22, 2013

© Copyright 2020 Bonnie J. All rights reserved.

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