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A poem about love. About change. About growth. About each other. Seasons may change....

Submitted: January 05, 2007

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Submitted: January 05, 2007



When the first rays of Summer pierced the lingering clouds,

We danced upon them as if they were stairs,

Ever ascending,

A place of light,

As we danced in our joy and sent our voices with the wind

And Summer brought us happiness.


When the green leaves of yesterday were stained with the blood of a new dawn,

We received the bronze gifts of the trees,

Together we sat,

A time of thought,

As we meditated on all that had passed and what would become

And Autumn brought us change.


When the strong jaw of cold first satisfied its hunger and devoured at last,

We were torn through the shards of ice, the fangs of frost,

We felt the wounds,

And earned their worth,

As we fell into the abyss, only to cling to the edge of a precipice

And Winter brought us clarity.


When the warm hand of Spring caressed the blanketed meadows,

We awoke and our thirst was renewed,

Yet the drink was changed,

The ale was sweeter,

We stood together and together our eyes surveyed the horizon

And Spring gave us life.


The seasons may change, sunlight to sundown,

Though together we stand

In waiting for the new year.

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