The Letter B

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Just some dreams you can have when your lonely and feel secluded!it's like your paraniod, your heart is pounding, mouths dry, can't tell a dream from reality!

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Turning a knob, to a room, behind a cold brass door.
The dark hall, and smoke gray wall, are nothing compared to the floor.

Open it slow, cause I don't want to go, to find I am now in a trap.

The floor starts to creek, as I start to seek, the key which I find is a map.

In the corner of the room, there appears to be a dim, shiny, glow.
Pondering, I made a choice, and approached it just to know.
Scared to death, I'm creeping closer and start to see a trace.
Of someone other than myself, enclosed inside this place.

As I'm getting closer to the light, I start to feel relieved.
Out of breath I could not have foretold what I received.
For once I walked into the light, that figure I had chased.
Was not something anyone would want to have embraced.

My heart beat starts to fill the room , as I'm crouched upon the ground.
The eerieness is forming fog, which makes me feel death bound.
In my haste this is not the place, I was better off before.
The walls are blood do to crimson flood, with a deep, dark, centered core.

I see the tortured bodies lying, I listen to there screams.
Why can't I shake this evil place, I hold within my dreams.
Shivering, and panicking, I look to see a tomb.
Dark, and dusty standing on the floor within this room.

As I draw near, I start to fear the name upon the stone.
I start to see the letter B, it's me, I am alone.

By: Bonnylynn S.

© Copyright 2018 Bonnylynn. All rights reserved.

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