Saturday's Race

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jessie's twin brothers are drag racers and have a race against their rival. Jessie has some apprehensions about the race but is swayed by her brothers that they have to attend the race

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013




It was 6:38 when I rolled over in bed and listened to Chris and David, tuning their cars in the garage.  That is what I get for having two older brothers who are drag racing fanatics-- my own personal alarm clock. I got out of bed and drew favourite robe on over my sailor moon pyjamas.  I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth before heading downstairs to the kitchen where I knew I would find my cousin Anna preparing breakfast.

As I entered the kitchen Anna was at the stove frying bacon and eggs.  I walked over to the window and looked outside to see Chris and David leaving the garage and making their way over to the house.  I turned around and walked over to the table, swiping a piece of toast on the way.  As I sat, Anna brought the bacon and eggs over to the table and sat across from me.

“So Jessie, what do you think about the race?”

“Actually, I am a bit worried.”

“There is nothing to worry about Jessie.  Chris and David have been drag racing from the time they were both eighteen and have never been in an accident.  That is what?  Seven years now?”

 “That is not what I mean.  I know they are both great drivers.  It is just that there is this rumour going around that the police is trying to crack down on illegal drag racing and have been staking out all possible drag racing sites.”

“But that is just what it is Jessie. Just a rumour.”

“But there must be some truth to it. No one would start a rumour out of the blue like that. Plus I heard it from an honourable source.”

“Hmmm. Let me guess.”  Anna said while she propped her chin in her hand and adopted a thoughtful pose.  “You heard this rumour from your best friend Mike. The same person who told you when you were eight that if you walked backwards for a day your grades would improve.  The same person who told you two years ago that there is going to be a free ticket to Eminem’s concert being given to the first person who spent an entire week camping out front Town Hall.  The same person who told you . . .  Shall I go on? How gullible can you be Jessie?”

I squirmed under Anna’s stare and lowered my head.  “You know I would do anything to go to an Eminem concert.”

“What did you say Jessie?”

 “I guess I should not listen to anything Mike says.”

“You guess?  I thought you would have learned by now that Mike gets his kicks from making you believe stupid things and doing them.”

“But you never know.  One of these days what he says may be the truth.” 

“Hey, what are you two talking about?” Chris asked as he and David entered the kitchen. 

Not only were Chris and David my older brothers, they were also an identical twin.  They were both 6’1”, with skin the colour of caramel, chocolate brown eyes and shoulder length dreadlocks.  It was often difficult for strangers to tell them apart.  Even for those of us who knew them we sometimes mixed them up.  Chris was the one who had a tattoo of a phoenix on his left shoulder blade while David had his left eyebrow and underneath his lower lip pierced and a tattoo of a dragon coiled around his left arm.

“Oh nothing much, other than Jessie hearing from an honourable source- her words not mine- that the police are cracking down on drag racing sites.”

“Would that honourable source be the same person that had her camping out front Town Hall for a week to win a ticket to Eminem’s concert?” Chris asked as he sat at the table.

“You guessed right Chris.”

“The same person that told her she should dye her hair pink,” David said as he sat beside me. “I cannot believe . . .”

“Do not even start David.” I said interrupting him so that he would not join in telling another Jessie-fell-for-what-Mike-said story.

He tugged my braid.  “Awe, did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

I swatted David’s hand away and turned to Chris. “I do not think we should go to the race you have planned against Jake tomorrow night.  I . . . I . . . I have this feeling at the pit of my stomach.”

“Stop worrying Jessie.  Everything is going to be fine”.

“I guess you are right.  It is about time I go and get ready for school anyway.” I said while looking at the clock against the wall.

As I left the kitchen and was making my way up the stairs I heard David telling Chris and Anna about the time Mike suggested I should dye my hair pink to match the pink outfit I was going to wear for our high school yearbook.  What a bad mistake that was.  From the time I stepped onto the school grounds I got called a whole range of names from “cotton candy” to “peptobismol”.  Why do I even listen to Mike?


NOTE from bonx: Story is unfinished. Have to do the race bit so bare with me. If you want me to let you know when that section is added just let me know

© Copyright 2020 bonx . All rights reserved.

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