My own mask of personality

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We did a mask write up for a mask we had to desgin to fit our own personality.
This is what mine was. I will try and take a pic and post it on here so you can see and understand more.
Hope you like and enjoy.
Dont forget to comment, any comment makes me smile and helps me become better.
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Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



I think that personality has a lot to do with your environment and how you play a role it thus coming along to the Bandure Theory of personality. You get it by watching other people and in some way that is very true because you can see something really bad and decide to be different than that or it might just change your whole life and the way you look at the world and treat people. However there are things that people think play a role in how you gain it and the other one is nature, meaning you are born with your personality and no environment or anything has a role in it because you were born with how you are supposed to be and act for your life time. Freud had the same type of thinking like that he said that we are born with an ID, and then our ego and super ego develop. We are trying to get pleasure but in the way of doing it defines who we are and how we act but from the moment we are born that’s what we are trying to do from the moment we are born.

My personality is very hard to define even I don’t know who I am most of the time. I am still trying to figure myself out. I still have really rough edges all around me because of things I have had to go through and that I am still facing to this very day. Some of edges are harder to get through than other or tougher to get through and some of them are small. I put that on my mask to get that point across and I just didn’t want to put it on one side because it’s not just one side of me that has them it all around me whether I am trying to be who I really am or trying to be what society want me to be they are there and they won’t go away. I try to be something for everybody yet a lot trying to be myself but it doesn’t really work because I need to be what they need me to be. I have a lot that goes through my mind on a daily but nobody ever knows that or sees that. I am a one huge puzzle piece and even I can’t put myself together and I can’t really ask for help because I need to be the strong one and if I do then society has labeled me as all these things that I am not just because I show who I am and try to be my own person. I push a lot of people out of my life because of the repression I have.  It is not a good thing to have either because it just about sticks with you throughout your whole life even if you don’t want it to you just fall back into it. People do say “don’t hide who you are” but when you show the true you society judges. Society tells me that I have to be all these things in order to be happy and have a good life and be accepted in to some sort of culture/ cult thing is the way I see it.  It tells me that if I do not have name brand stuff that I have no money, it tells me that if I am not skinny or wear makeup that I am ugly it also tells me that if I do not make money and I don’t have a high iq or I don’t make good grades that I am nothing and I am not helping anybody. It mostly tells me though that if I show affection toward anybody in public whether it I be with a girl or a boy I am looked down upon because other people don’t like it so I have to shut out feelings for whoever and not show them affection even in public, even if it’s a simple hand holding. Society wants to me to be made into a mold that I refuse to go into and there for I am put off as somebody who doesn’t care for anybody but I. which is not true at all. All I want to be is inspiration for somebody. Be their idol. My mask does show a very good representation of what my mid thinks and goes through every day but then what I know what I have to be to be accepted by society. I am young as it says on my mask but I don’t want to grow old. I want to travel and meet new people and see new cities that I have never seen or even countries. People ask me all the time why would I want to do that why wouldn’t I want settle down and have a husband and have 2.5 kids with a dog and that’s not me.I want to make an impact everywhere. I want to change the world. I think a lot of that strand from I don’t want anybody to feel the way I have I don’t want girls or kids to feel like they won’t be good enough if they aren’t a certain way. I don’t want them to think that if they show and act how they really then they will be judged.

though there are many blank spots in my mask that’s simply because I am not all put together and I still want to be who I am with conformity and I want to be able to stop thinking the thoughts run though my brain and effect how I act and how behave and see the world.

The personality tests that I took were very accurate about me and how I act and what more of one thing that I am the other. I don’t really see flaws on these tests as long as you have answered the questions correctly.

I do not believe that personality change over time I think that you just hide it and deal with it in different situations.

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