My world of tattoos

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A rough draft for a english paper I have to write.

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Some people think that art can only be on a canvas and that it has to be paint, to me that is not the case I see my body as a canvas and I see the tattoos as a way to show who I am and to decorate my body all over. It is a way for people to see what I’m about and for people to know that I think an open mind t new things is beautiful. Tattoos are not always something that means a person is going nowhere and it’s sad that people think that is, that if you have them then you can’t work anywhere or go any places in your life because you don’t take your body as a prize posseion.

I want my body to be full of art work that I will always remember and that I will never regret. I want to never forget what I have had to go though in life.  I wouldn’t even care if nobody else knew what they meant as long as I know and I love them and I gain something out of it I don’t care. The tattoos that I am already planning out on getting is, I would like to get a set of angel wings on my back that look like they have been ripped apart with feathers and blood coming down from the wings, it symbolizes that no every angel is beautiful and some are fallen and broken and they can’t always be fixed. It would show that I believe everybody is a angel in a way and that everybody has something that has made them feel broken at one point.  The main one I would get would be The word love in my left for arm that has a orange ribbon flowing through it and it would stretch across the top to just end of my wrist. That one would mean the most to me and I would never think about getting it removed because that one thing would mean the world to me and show the people who do understand what love on your arms means would appreciate it. It stands for everything I have had to go through with my depression and my-self harm plus it would make something ugly like my scars seem beautiful.  It wouldn’t bother even if nobody else that the meaning in my choice was good or not because it’s my body and I will do whatever I want with it, the choices I make with my body are my own. The other tattoo I would like to get would be a giant butterfly in my left or top of thigh the reason for that would be because of the butterfly project it represents the people who have helped you and when you draw a butterfly on yourself you are put a name to it and every time you are sad or think about hurting self you think of a butterfly as a person you don’t want to kill that person so one giant butter fly would show everybody who has been there for me. These are not all the tattoos I want but they are the main ones that I would get.

Not everybody who gets a tattoo is pointless and stupid. Most of the time they do have meaning behind them and just because somebody else doesn’t see the beauty in it doesn’t mean everybody won’t.



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