Final Entry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
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Submitted: June 27, 2011

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Submitted: June 27, 2011



a) I am still hoping that my calculations are correct, as I make one last attempt.

b) She's starting to sink into the ocean now; they were wrong about the icebergs.

c) Unfortunately....the last of the oxygen has finally been completely depleted.

d) Flying to Caracas, Venezuela today, to hike a few mt. trails with some friends.

e) There is no more reason for me to continue this paltry existance of misery.

f) The christians are now chanting 'Death to Hypatia of Greece!' outside my window.

g) After hours of consideration the decision has been made; I will push the red button.

h) The course has been set for Apophis to save earth; launch sequence is initiated.

i) I have lost all hope in our species, my services here are no longer required.

j) This online dating service is great! I get to meet 'Jeffrey' in a few more hours.

k) Haha! Tonight I will show them all that I am indestructable, with this cyanide!

l) Stardate 6071Z23. We are approaching the planet to investigate s.o.s. signals.

m) This will be the largest dose I've given myself; hoping for desired results.

n) I got the trench coats and propane tanks today, can't wait for school tomorrow.

o) Tomorrow I will be the 1st person to receive a brain transplant, fingers crossed.

p) I made it here to Volusia County, Florida, hoping to do some snorkeling off shore.

q) As we near the bottom of the Mariana Trench, I hear the rivets popping around me.

r) I'll be staying here at the Bate's Hotel tonight, seems like a really nice place.

s) I cannot stop myself from what I am about to do as there is no proof of volition.

t) The bio-hazard containment field was breached today, we are waiting for results.

u) The aliens seem friendly. We will open the "Mars City" Dome and allow them in.

v) At daybreak we dive in search for a beautiful 'bull ray' specimen, by crackey!

w) Soon the vorld will know, I am der greatest Feurer on zee planet, seig Heil!

x) According to navigational charts, we will enter the Bermuda Triangle in one hour.

y) All is well, the ancient egyptian curse of the mummy is superstitious poppycock.

z) After reading each of these final entries, it appears all previous readers died.

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