I Love You Sam

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friendship is one of life's greatest joy.with it we find someone we can relate to but one of the frightening barriers is when you fall in love with your bestfriend. its 4 years now and stephanie is still hiding her feelings for her bestfriend sam. will she be able to keep this locked in forever or will she tell him? find out yourself...

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Surprise Night

Submitted: September 23, 2016

Stephanie P.O.V Its 8pm and i am stuck upstairs in my room reading stories online..My mom isn't coming home until 10pm and dad is currently in South Africa doing some business project.I am home alone and i am really scared. Different scary thoughts keep crossing my mind but i pushed them behind me.I'm trying to be brave for once in my life. Half way to the end of my maths assignment,i heard the door bell ring. It's definitely not my mom so i am not going to answer. Ring.ring There is no way i am opening that door. Ring.ring.ring.ring "can't that person leave already.No one is home" i mumbled to myself ring ring ring ring "arrrrrggggghhhhh" i exclaimed 5 minutes later and i didn't hear any sound from downstairs so i assumed the person left already. Feeling relaxed,i carried on with my maths homework until my phone beeped.Its a text from samanta. "Are you alive in there?Come on and open the door before i break it" OMG! They are back? Without wasting time i went downstairs in a hurry to open the door for my impatient friend. On getting to the door i paused and let out a breath.Now i am nervous.I gently put the key into the lock and finally i opened the door to see a very pissed looking samanta. Without words i hugged her immediately.God i missed them so much. "Stephanie...i can't...breathe"sammy stuttered and i released her from my life threatening hug... "i missed you a bunch" she said now smiling "Me too and where is Sam?"i asked her. "you won't lemme into the house first?"she raised her brow "Oh sorry.come on in" i ushered her into the house and closed the door immediately. "and Sam?"i asked again. "behind you" she said as she collapsed on the sofa. I looked over to see the reason why my heart is now beating faster than normal.Sam stood there watching me stare at him like i haven't seen him before.He must have used the spare key to unlock the back door. "missed me much" he teased and hearing his sweet voice made me feel a million butterfly in my stomach..... "Nah.but i missed sammy alot" I replied "Are you guys spending the night here" i asked "Yes we are." sammy replied "and here is what we brought for you" she gave me "Thanks.You guys want..." i was interrupted by sam "where is your mom?" "Working"i answered "I wasn't expecting you guys until Friday" "Change of plans.Mom and dad still have unfinished business to handle so we decided to come back.There isnt so much fun there and i can't afford to miss School" sam explained "Oh." i muttered "let's see this movie" sam said "I hate horror movies. "dont worry you will be fine" sam said as he walked to the TV stand "I will just go find something to eat" sammy said heading towards the kitchen "Make some for me too" sam called out to her "No way." sammy said disappearing into the kitchen I sat down waiting for the movie to start already. Soon 'The Ghost chasers' started.Sam sat with me in the Three seater's chair. "its isn't scary at all" he whispered and soon the noise from the TV filled the room.I wasn't really enjoying the movie all i could think of was the closeness between Sam and i... "Can't wait for school tomorrow" Sammy said as she joined us with a plate of Noodles in hand "So you really didn't make some for me," sam changed the subject "if you want,go and make some for yourself." Sammy said Sam grabbed the plate from her "thanks for your generosity twin Sister" he said and instantly ran upstairs to my room "SAM" Sammy yelled on top her voice and i couldn't help but laugh "Laughing at your best friends pain aren't ya?"she accused rolling her eyes "Nope.Just the way you two act like Kids.Its cute.Wish i had a twin" i grinned "i am going to get back at him.Meanwhile lets make something to eat"she told me "sure" i replied....... Read Chapter