You Are Safe!

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Wrote based upon Once upon a time first episode!

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



Place-In Palace Having Baby

Prince Charming and SnowWhite

Snowwhite: I know I will miss you, but you will find us soon!

Prince Charming: The curse won't destory you, You'll be safe soon!

Snowwhite: Hide her fast, put her in the wardrobe! Emma, our baby will be safe!

Prince: But the wardrobe only proctects one!

Snow: Just do it! Go, Go, save our girl, Go, Go! Hurry and go! We will meet in the future and together we shall live!

Prince: I will go fight them, and make her hiding work! She shall meet us on her twenty eighth birthday!

Snow: Goodbye our darling baby! Emma is your name, do not cry, you'll me safe. We will meet again someday!

Prince: Snow, I may die in this fight, but you and the baby will always be alive--------------!!!!

This is a song, I made based on what happens in the first episode of *Once Upon A Time* it is my first go so please give me inprovements!

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