My Vampire Boyfriend

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Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




Sarah was fifteen and was going to be sixteen in the next few weeks. She was the most popular girl in the ninth grade.She had three best friends,named Liana,Harry and Kevin.Sarah has blonde hair,blue eyes and was beautiful.All the boys,even seventh graders,were after.But she didn’t have any interest in them.She wanted someone special,who was a bit different from the others.

One day,Sarah and Liana were heading to science class.They had frowns on their faces as their teacher,Mrs.Abby,was about to change everyone’s lab partners. “I hope I get a nice lab partner”,Sarah said to herself.A new student arrived in the class.His name was Jake.He was white as snow and his lips were red as the rose. “Class this is Jake.He’s new to this school so try to be friends with him”,Mrs.Abby announced.Sarah took her seat and her new lab partner was Jake. “Hi. I’m Sarah”,she introduced herself to Jake.She was a bit shocked to find out that he’s kind of a quite person. After science class,in the recess,Sarah and her friends were talking about how weird Jake is. “I don’t know why but I think he’s cool.Unlike the others,he’s much better.Shall we add him in our gang?” said Sarah to her friends. “Let’s give him a chance.If he’s ok,he’ll be permanent”,said Kevin.So everyone agreed and then Sarah went to ask Jake whether he wanted to eat lunch with them. “Yeah I would really like to have lunch with you guys”, Jake said.Liana,Kevin and Harry introduced themselves to Jake and started talking.

Jake and Sarah became the closest friends and would hang out together most of the time.They were such good friends that everyone used to think that Sarah has finally found her boyfriend to-be. “This is sick!Sarah is keep on hanging with Jakee and forgetting about us”,Kevin said. “Come on Kevin,open your eyes wide and look.She has finally found the perfect guy.She never had a boyfriend in years and she denied all the guys.At least be happy for her you guys”Liana said to him.Days and weeks went on like this.Sarah invited Jake to her sweet 16 bash and the whole 9th grade,including her best friends. “I would love to come to your sweet 16  bash”,said Jake, “and there is something I would like to tell you on that day.”Sarah was excited when Jake said that.

The day finally arrived and Sarah was getting ready for her sweet 16 bash party.Liana came and greeted her. “Liana,I think I found my perfect boyfriend”, said Sarah to Liana. “Let me guess. It’s Jake”, Liana told. All the guests arrived and Jake was there in the corner. He did not look very normal. Sarah went and asked him, “Jake what’s wrong? Is everything okay? ”.Jake answered, “There’s something I have tell you. But not here, come with me in the garden” .He took Sarah’s hand and went to the garden. He told her about how he felt and Sarah too told her feelings about him. “But you shouldn’t be with me. You see, I’m a vampire” Jake told her. “I don’t care who you are but I love you no matter what happens”,Sarah said to her.The moon was full ,and Jake’s vampire teeth developed. Sarah wasn’t even scared and she asked him to bite her so that they both could be vampires. “I can’t bite you unless I’m 20”,said Jake. “Oh, so I’ll wait till then”,said Sarah to Jake.

Years passed on and they were together for a long time. “So are you ready?, Jake  said to Sarah,as the time came to turn her into a vampire. “Im ready”,replied Sarah.Jake smiled,and he bit her.Sarah was unconscious for a while but when she woke up,she was a vampire too.She felt the changes that had happened to her, and they spent the rest of their lives together,with nothing to tear them apart. They loved each other till their last breaths.Nothing in this universe could tear them apart.

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