Zelda and the magic wand

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Zelda is a teenager who is quite selfish and didn't care for anyone.But she finds a staff and greed comes over her.After an encounter with a wizard,she changed herself and began to help others.This is a lesson to those who are always thinking about their self.


It was a fine day and the sun was bright in the sky. Zelda was late from school. She found a weird looking stick on the ground. “Well this is a strange stick.it has a symbol of a moon on it.” She said, “I wish I get home fast. “As she said this, she was floating and was ten inches above the ground and she flew as fast as a plane! She reached home and her mother had an angry grin on her face. “Why are you always late Zelda? You got me worried sick! Now come inside, your lunch is ready.” Zelda went inside and when she saw what was for lunch, she took her stick and changed her lunch into a fried feast! “This is a magic al staff of some wizard. “ I’ll keep this to myself for a while”. After finishing her lunch, she went up to her room and was thinking about the stuff she could do with the staff. She said to her, “I can make anything possible!” She was doing her homework in the middle of the night until she got so tired. She still hasn’t done her homework yet. So she waved her staff and casted that her homework to be done and so the spell was granted. There was pixie dust all over the notebook. She found that her homework was complete and was relieved .She hid her staff in her bag pack and went to bed.

The next morning, she got ready for school and she met her best friend Anna and found that her face was pale. “What happened Anna? Why are you so worried?” Anna replied, “I didn’t study for the math test Zelda and you know that Mrs. Tomas never cancelled a test or took a leave. If I get an F,I will have to do the test again. By the way, did you study?” Zelda dropped her mouth her mouth and replied, “no Anna. But there won’t be any math test today.”

“That’s impossible Zelda. No test was cancelled by Mrs. Tomas”, said Anna. Zelda wanted to use her staff but she had to get rid of Anna first. “Hey Anna, there’s Mrs. Hannah .Ask her a question for me, would you?” Anna replied, “Why not? I’ll go ask her.” Zelda was relieved and she waved her staff and casted that there would be no math test today. The bell had rung and Zelda went back to class. She was hoping the spell was granted. And to everyone’s surprise, there was no Mrs. Tomas in the class. A substitute teacher was there. Everyone was happy that there was no math test now. At recess, Zelda sat with her three best friends Anna, Krissy, and Brian.

“Man I can’t believe it that the math test was cancelled I mean no math test was ever cancelled and Mrs. Tomas never took leave. Something really fishy is going on here”, said Brian. Anna and Krissy too didn’t believe it that there was no math test.Zelda had a guilty look on her face. Anna noticed her face and asked “Hey, why the long face Zelda?” Zelda looked at her and said “Promise me you guys won’t say a thing to anyone.”

“We won’t!” said Anna, Krissy and Brian in a chorus. Zelda took the courage and took her staff out of the bag. “I found this staff while I was going home from school yesterday. I used the staffs to finish my homework and to cancel the math test. Now don’t say a thing to anyone”. The three could not believe their ears. “That’s awesome! You can do anything .Hey let’s take revenge on Marie for what she did on you. That picture of you was embarrassing and the whole school saw it”. Zelda got an idea and with her staff she granted that Marie would be dancing like an idiot in school. Marie was dancing like an idiot near the whole school and she was so embarrassed. The whole hall was surrounded by laughing children. Zelda, Anna, Krissy and Brian bursted into laughter. Everything was going great, until she came back after school. She was in her room when suddenly, a portal appeared from nowhere and a lady with blonde hair appeared. She looked really angry. “Who are you? What are you doing with my staff?”

Zelda was horrified and said, “I found it on the ground and who are you?” The lady replied “I’m Veronica. The famous wizard and you have my wand. Thanks for taking care of it but you used for selfish needs dear.” Zelda replied, “I’m sorry I used your staff miss.” The lady smiled and said, “It’s ok dear. But hand over my staff. Here is a wand for you, but if you use it for own selfish needs, all the spells will be a chaos. So use it carefully”. Zelda took the wand and promised the lady, “I will not use it for selfish needs and will use it to help the needy.” So from that day onward, she used the wand to help the poor and she helped the orphans. She realized the benefits of her hardwork in helping others.

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Mark Reece Healey

What I like about this story is the lessons learned here. Well done!

Fri, March 22nd, 2013 2:13pm


thnx..im kinda new to this stuff...i just luv reading books

Sat, March 23rd, 2013 2:23am

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