the Bottoms is where its at

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this is a poem i worte for my cousin

Bottoms- "Pond Creek Bottoms" is a wild life fed. reserve
a large forest with dirt roads and fishing holes where we spend alot of time on the weekends

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012





Words flow in my mind

A feeling so intense

And I try to make sense


A sky full of stars

Wind blowing our hair around like halos

A cricket’s song in the fading light


You and me sitting in the back

Talking like only cousins can

Laughing at things no-one else would understand


At night, on a dirt road

We share out thoughts

We are free to talk


From boys to God, we discuss it all

No-one gets it

Not everyone understands


The Bottoms is where it’s at

It’s where we can relax

Where we are free to be ours-self’s



In the back of a truck

Leaving a trail of dust

Memories that will last us


It’s more than just a ride though the woods

It’s more than a ride down a dirt road

It’s more than just chilling in the back of a truck


Time spent full of inside jokes

Spent sharing our hopes

Talking of things no-one else knows


With daylight fading

And mosquitoes biting

We make another round


You and I know

To hold on when the truck starts to slow

When the brakes lock and gravel flies


Smiles on our faces

As we return to our places

Laughing as the dust clears


Things I will remember when I’m gone

Memories I will cherish when I’m old

Times I will miss when I’m not at home


Anyone from around here knows what it is

Anyone from around here has been there

But only we know what it’s all about


Only we know, the Bottoms are where it’s at

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