What you don't know Can hurt you

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story about a boy and a girl and their past

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




Your staring at me. Why are you staring at me? I look away and try to focus on class, but as the teacher is talking I glance over and catch u looking at me again. This time you have the decency to look away but still. WHY DO YOU KEEP LOOKING!? After class you rush out so I can’t catch you. But I do.

“Hey!” I say

“Whats up?” 

“I want to know why you were staring at me in class.” I inquire

“Ummmmm,” He stuttered



“Well thats the bell, better get to class!” He said and rushed off.


O well, I’ll catch him after school or something I thought as I raced to my class.


The rest of the day was slow and boring, especially math! But I hate math so I guess that makes since. Unfortunately I didn’t see him the rest of the day. until I walked to my car. I saw him get on gulp motorcycle and just as he was pulling out I walked in front of him.


“HEY! Get out of the way!”

“Not until you tell me why u were staring at me!”

“Why is it so important to you?”

“Because I don’t like it when people stare at me.”

“Get on,” he says.


“Get on the bike”

“What?! Why?!” 

“Do u want to know or not?” 

“Do you have an extra helmet?” I ask

He gets off and pulls one out of the bottom of his seat. 

“Will you quit honking at me already!!” He hollers to the kids trying to get around him and out of the parking lot.

“Here,” and he hands me the helmet.

“You do know how to drive this thing right?!?” I ask through the helmet. He revs the engine and hollers,



He just laughs and speeds out of the parking lot. 

We speed down the highway and stop at an apartment complex.

“Where are we?”

“Welcome to my humble abode!” He exclaims.

“What are we doing here?” I ask.

“We,” he said “are getting you...some answers.”

We walk up the steps and into his apartment. Its very contemporary and...clean...for a teenage boy. Everything was white and has hard lines. It’s ironically, the exact way I want my apartment when I get older.

“Do you live here by yourself?” 

“Yeah...my parents died a while back and my sister lives in New York”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I mumble

“It’s ok, you didn’t know,” he says.

“Hey you know what I just realized?” I ask


“I’m at your house and I don’t even know your name” I say.

“It’s Kayson”

“Oh..thats a nice name”

“Thanks,” he chuckles 

“So do you like it?” He asks

“Yeah, I do. A lot actually!” I say

“I thought you would.” He says it so quietly I don’t even know if I heard him right, so I just choose to ignore it. Walking around I see pictures all over.

“Is this your family?” I ask

“Yeah, thats when we went to the Super Bowl” he says walking into the kitchen

“Oh really?! Which one was it???”

“The one the Packers won 2 years ago.” He says, walking back into the main room, with a smile. He hands me a glass of water.

“Oh no!! Your not a Green Bay Packers fan are you?!?”

He laughs “Why yes, yes I am. Why??”

“Because I’m a die-hard...”

“‘Oh no...don’t say it..”

“Vikings fan” I say

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh man!! And I thought you were cool!!”


“What?? The Vikings suck!!”

“Excuse me?!?!”

“Just look at they’re passing yards, lowest in the NFL! And look at their quarterback!! I mean seriously?? Christian Ponder?!? You guys were better off with Brett Farve.” He says with a smirk.

“Hey! What about Adrian Peterson, and Jared Allen. And Ponder isn’t even that bad!! We beat you last week didn’t we???” 

“Oh whatever. We had nothing to play for.” he says 

“Ya know what I’m not even going to get into this with you” 

“Well good because you know I’d win”

“No just..no”

He laughs “Well I gotta take a shower soo you have 3 options. You can either stand here and keep looking at all these pictures, you can sit down and make yourself comfortable, or you can come join me. I like the last option the best.” He winks

“Ya know I think I’ll stay here, but thanks for asking.”

“Haha suit yourself. But you’re missing out.” 

“I only came here so I could find out why you were staring at me in class.”

“Oh darn. And here I was thinking you came because you couldn’t resist my good looks!”

“Go take your shower.”

He walks away and a little bit later I hear the shower start.

I wonder around the apartment; its really nice. Its hard to believe a senior in high school lives here. Along with all the pictures there’s little trinkets and nicknacks that I did not expect to see. Then there, among all the pictures of his family...is a picture of...me!

What is a picture of me doing here?! He doesn’t even know me! I just met him today! Whats going on!?

“What’s this?!” I ask when he comes back in the room after his shower

“Ahhh..” He says.

“Well?!?!? I’m waiting to find out WHY YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF ME IN YOUR HOUSE!!”

“Well you see...”

“Come on spit it out already!” I demand.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve met. Actually if were going to be specific this is the 100th time we’ve met...in the last 50 years.”

“WHAT?! Im only 17! Thats not even possible!”

“Well this is awkward” He mumbles

“WHAT?! This is awkward?! Thats all your going to say about this?!? What the hell are you even talking about?!”

“Here sit down,” He says.

“No! No! Don’t touch me! Tell me what’s going on! Right now!”

“Ok ok calm down Kay.”

“No you don’t get to call me Kay, my friends call me Kay, I don’t know who you are!”

“Trust me Katherine you know who I am,” he smirks.

“No I don’t! I’ve never seen you before in my life!”

“Not in this life no,” he says under his breath.

“WHAT did you just say?!”

“Nothing, just sit down would you?”

“No. No. You know what, I’m leaving. I don’t need some freak show in my life right now.” As I storm out he hollers “How are you going to get anywhere? You came with me remember??” 

But by that time I’m already gone.





Word count : 1,115

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