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When Lily finds out that she has to save the people from Misotopia from the 'Diangonal Flamehead'......how can she? its just a dream!

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



As my life grew on, I knew that Hayley Shore was just a part of a dream, my dream. I once had a dream that lasted longer than it should have but that isn’t where my story starts.
One summer’s day, I was playing with my brother (Michael) at the park. This park was our own little one because our father had made it for us. We were playing hide-and-seek tiggy and I was winning. “Michael! Lily! Come inside now! You’ve had too much time out there and it is nearly your bedtime!” yelled our mom. We ran into the house and nearly knocked into Sandy our older sister.
Sandy was fourteen years of age and had brown hair. She had beautiful, baby blue eyes that looked so beautiful that if you stared into them for long enough, you would feel all happy on a miserable day. “Watch it will ya! I’m trying to walk around here!” Yelled Sandy. The thing about Sandy though is that, you don’t want to get on her bad side.
Our mom had made a delicious pot roast as it was a special occasion; my mom had sold her first painting as a real artist. This was a painting of Millblue Lake, with the tyre swing, hanging from the middle. It had sold for $250 and mom was so happy that she invited all her friends over. It was the most delicious dinner they had ever had since Christmas, as we were now in the month of August.
When it was time for bed, Michael and I were read the tale; One Summer’s Night, by our mother. This story was about a girl, dreaming a land where no one else could be and where everything that her heart desired was there. I loved this story the most because I had once had this dream before than only last night it changed.
As our mom tucked us into bed, and kissed both of us on the head, I started to dream and once again it was my last dream taking off. I was sitting on a pillow; it was made of fairy floss of all colours and flavours. I would start walking to see where a pink trail led me and it always came to a sign:
I always thought strangely of this sign but I always kept going. On my left there would be a wishing well that said; ONE KNUCKLE FOR ONE WISH, but what was a knuckle? Guarding this wishing well was a troll of some sort. It was a plump blue troll, with one eye, a bat-like club in one hand and in the other was a sack, (probably for collecting the money). He had one huge tooth that had holes through it that covered his top lip and nearly reached his nose, he also had one little curl on his head that was the colour of the sun but more white.
I had never had the courage to go up to this troll because he always gave me a look that made me feel uneasy. I would walk further and there would be shops on my left and right. There were places where you could by shoes that a pair was for three footed people and there was a shop where you could buy one-eyed glasses and ones that would compliment you when you were wearing them and there were sunglasses that gave you x-ray vision and others that allowed you to look at someone that you don’t know and the glasses would tell you everything about that particular person.
I always found myself walking into a jeweller’s shop. This particular shop sold different types of jewellery and I don’t mean; rubies, sapphires and pearls, I mean ones that had eyes that starred out at you, earrings that would give you a hearing range of 15 kilometres and you would be able to hear clearly. “Hello dear. Back again are we?” a nice lady wearing purple glasses, red cardigan and jeans was the only normal person that I knew in Misotopia! For some reason, every time I came back to this dream, she would say; “Back again are we?” but I thought in dreams, you can’t come back to one and start from where you left off unless this wasn’t a dream.
Tonight I was going to dig deeper into this dream, if it was a dream at all. “Why am I here?” I asked the old lady at the counter, “Because you are here to save us!” replied the lady. “Save you from what?” I was starting to get scared from this dream but to me it felt like a nightmare. “The....... diagonal flamehead!” replied the lady but she looked like she saw a ghost, just as a man walked through the door but when I looked clearly, it actually was a ghost, well, what was left of a ghost. It had at least twelve bullet holes, a lopsided face that made it even scarier than ghosts are usually.
“By the decree of the Diagonal Flamehead, I sentence you to death as you have broken rule #25; Never talk about the Diagonal Flamehead in an improper manner!” He said. At first I could not move as I thought he was talking to me but then I realised that he was talking to the old Lady behind the counter. He came slithering past me and tied the lady’s hands behind her back with a rope that looked like it was enchanted because every time she moved her hands, it would try to bite her.
“GO TO KHALE ALLEY AND LOOK FOR A MAN WEARING A PINK, FLAMINGO HAT AND TELL HIM: OG OT EKIM, LL’EH WONK TAHW OT OD!” Yelled the lady as she was taken away. At first I was pinned to the ground as I could not move but in the flash of time, I was writing everything down so that I wouldn’t forget anything. I ran out the door and saw that there was a carriage being pulled by giant frogs, the size of 4 large trucks. The man driving the ‘frog carriage’, wacked them with what looked like an over sized lily pad stuck with a fishing rod, and they leapt into the air and flew off.
I ran down the street tile I found a sign that said, Khale Alley, so I turned that way and left off onto the start of my journey. I had to walk another six halometres, (whatever they were), and I was already tired until I found a boy, or what I think was a boy, sitting by a tree, reading a book. He had a blanket covering his enormous body, below his torso. “Hello! My name is Lily Rain and your is?” I was trying to sound polite but when the boy stood up, the blanket fell off.
I nearly screamed from what I saw. This boy was what we call, a merman but this just wasn’t any merman, this one could walk on his tail. “My name is Osahira Ishmail and what would you want?” He was not very polite but I thought I should have given him credit for at least letting me know his name. “I’m trying to look for Khale Alley then I have to see a man wearing a pink, flamingo hat and tell him: og ot ekim, ll’eh wonk tahw ot od!”
Osahira just stared at me but then he let out a great whistle and a Dyrad (Half-dog half-horse) came to take them to Khale Alley. Osahira jumped on its back, while giving me a hand, and then I saw a sign that said: Khale Alley-on your left. Osahira turned the Dyrad to the left and then all of a sudden it became dark and I knew this was an alley way.
I jumped off the Dyrad, said “goodbye” to Osahira, then saw a man with a pink hat, but when that old lady said pink flamingo, I didn’t actually think that it was a flamingo with its beady eyes and black, shiny beak. “Tahw od uoy tnaw?!” yelled the man owning the hat. I understood that he spoke backwards so all I said back was, “og ot ekim, ll’eh wonk tahw ot od!” The man grunted then said, “siht yaw!”
I followed the man further down the alley way until I saw a house that was named: Mike Macred. The man let me inside and said, (i had to translate), “he’s upstairs waiting for you”. As I walked upstairs, I noticed that the paintings were staring at me, pointing and talking, one even went from his picture, through the wall and into the next mans picture, it was all very ridiculous.
I came to a door that had eyes staring at you and it even had a mouth. “Name please?” said the door. It gave me a real fright to know that this door could talk. “L-Li-Lily R-Ra-Rain!” I stuttered. I was too scared to even say my own name. The door closed its eyes then he opened them again. “Very well, you may see the headmaster!” he said.
I walked in and found a cat with glasses on, sitting at the desk, reading what looked like a newspaper. “I was wondering when you were coming back!” said the cat without no emotion what so ever. “What do you mean ‘come back’? I’ve never been this far before, have I?” I asked. This was all very confusing and I was starting to feel dizzy. “Amazing things, dreams. They always seem to turn into nightmares if you go any further that what you allow yourself. I hope you forgive me, my name is Mike Macred and I already know yours, Lily Rain. Yas eht sdrow; lanogaid daehemalf uoy tsum eid won!”
I put my hand up as you would in school for if you needed to ask a question or go to the toilet. He nodded his head as a greeting that I could say my question. “When do I have to save you from the diagonal flamehead?” I don’t think I should have asked that question because Mike’s face turned stone white as if something had just occurred to him.
He was about to reply when the ghost that I had seen earlier on, the one that took the nice old lady, was standing in this room as ugly as before. “By the decree of the Diagonal Flamehead, I sentence you to death as you have broken rule #25; Never talk about the Diagonal Flamehead in an improper manner!” but this time, he was talking to me. He wrapped the rope around my hands and when I moved my finger just so that I wasn’t uncomfortable, it nearly bit my finger off.
He led me outside to the carriage being pulled by giant frogs, I was put into the back and then we were off. At first it felt like flying but then I could hear running water. We then landed and I could hear a near town village being destroyed by what sounded as a dragon. We came out and the ghost led me underground, till we came to the dungeons. “You will be ordered to death in the morning!” I was starting to hate this nightmare and all I wanted to was wake up but for some reason, I knew that I couldn’t.
The next morning, the ghost came back with some guards that looked like miniature ogres. I was led out of the dungeons and into a courtroom where a man with an axe was standing over a log. I was placed down on the log where my neck was bare. I looked up to see a woman with a diagonal flamehead, which means, a dragons head in a diagonal position. I thought of something that I had learnt over this dream. Mike, Mike what did he say; “say the words, diagonal flamehead you must die!”
As soon as the diagonal flamehead said that I was sentenced to death, I shouted those words and everything disappeared. I was back in my own bed. I looked at my alarm clock, and it was 7:30am and time for school. Michael and I got ready for school and just as we went outside to the car, I thought I caught a glimpse of a cat with glasses on, winking at me and I knew that my job at Misotopia was done!

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