Would We Be Able To Live Without It?

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Would we be able to live without electricity now that we rely so much upon it? The other day I went just five short hours without it, and let me tell you, there was a lot less to do when you don't have electricity.

Submitted: July 07, 2010

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Submitted: July 07, 2010



Th other day my electricity was turned off, (don't ask me why) and for me, it was a real eye opener. It taught me just how much we rely on electricity for everyday needs. First of all, we weren't expecting it. Mum had told us it was going to be the day after. Obviously she'd gotten the dates wrong, so at 9:30 I was lounging around on my laptop, on Booksie actually, when everything suddenly turned off. It was overcast but there was still light coming through the clouds so when the lights went off there wasn't too much of a difference, but it was the sudden turn off of my laptop battery that caught my attention. I suddenly thought it was broken until my mum said that the electricity must be off because our main computer had suddenly switchd off. My mother then checked the notice she'd been given about it, and of course we were right. The notice did in fact say that that the electricity would be turned off on the sixth.

So that was the beginning of my five hours without electricity. It was going to be 9:30 to 2:30.

My fifteen year old brother got up at 10:30. He was horrified to find out the electrcity had been turned off. All he ever did in the holidays was play some war game on the computer or play his Xbox. He obviously wouldn't be able to do that.

In the meantime I had realized that the microwave was no longer able to be used until the power came back on, so I resorted to heat up the milk I was going to use for the hot chocolate I was about to make on the gas cook top we have. I was lucky we had a gas stove otherwise I would have had to gone hot chocolateless that morning, and I really didn't want that. My mother wouldn't have either.

I then had a cold shower. Well not extremely cold but deffinitely not as hot as I would have liked in the dreary weather that wewere having at the moment. We have solar power so the shower was somewhat warm but the sun had hidden behind a blanket of cloud.

Next was figuring out what to do for the next four hours of my life. Luckily the day before I had organized to go see Toy Story 3 (which I reccomend to everyone) with a friend. That took off another hour to living five hours without electricity. My brother, however, was not so lucky. He had resorted to re-watching The Mighty Boosh on his iPod. This must have been a sad time for him as he hardly ever watches or reads anything more than once (The Cat inthe Hat withMike Myers being the exception).

I however was more than happy to spend a good couple of hours reading a book I had gotten the day before. It just so happened that I had just gotten it because for the past few weeks I have had nothing to read besides Harry Potter (which I can not say is all that bad, I love it so much, but in the past one and a half years I have read the series at least three times) Unfortunately though, I had to clean up my room. Oh what fun I had doing that.

So, that was basically it, and you may be thinking, what's so bad about that, but it just made me really think, what would happen if we suddenly didn't have electricity?All appliances like the kettle, microwave toaster etc. wouldn't be able to be used. It would be the same story also for fridges and washing machines and dishwashers. Unless we had complete solar power we would have no computers, internet or even telephones. We wouldn't even have lights. If you really think about it then we wouldn't be left with much.

Even right now I am using electricity to write this. I completely prefer to write on the computer than by hand, and I think nowadays a lot of people do. One day I would like to see if I could go twenty four hours without using any electricity, but I am sure that it would actually be harder than it seems. Imagine, a whole day without any lights, without any random Googling of anything, without any calling my friends to talk for them for hours... I may not even end up doing but I hope that one day I remember this promise that Ihave now made to myself.It's unlikely, but who knows...

Now I ask the big question. If we went from how we live now would we be able to go back to the way people would have lived in the 1600's would we be able to adapt? We have so much and take so much for granted we don't even relize how big something like electricity is in our lives. We can just travel to underprivileged countries to see what it would be like to not have the main necessities we have in our everday life. But I'm sure everyone is tired of having it drilled into them. In a way I am. But then I have sudden bursts of compassion for our environment. I really want to try and make a difference with Global Warming but it doesn't help when for basic needs we use so much electricity (Just to tell you once more)

Well I'll let you get back to your lives, but just one last question.

Would you be able to survive without it?(Also if we didn't have solar power)

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