I'll get my turn....

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Just a random little story i made up on the spot enjoy!
If you think i should carry it on leave a comment about it below thanks!

It was winter when i first noticed the changes happening my skin started to require a light peach fuzz texture my pupils became more dilated my hair was growing rapidly my eyes became the colour of blood more and more evreyday. I wasent scared though, matter of fact I was relieved to finnaly be rid of the chains this town had on me. My life before the change was meaningless and drab, it was the same thing evreyday get my head shoved in a locker as I walked down the school corridor be threatened with death notes by the pretty girls sit on the steps outside the library at lunch by my self use the bathroom and be teased and ridiculed about how dark my skin is or how my hairs not as long and smooth as theirs. After school was worse I would get into my step fathers car and watch him lear at me with his horrible violent eyes. He  would make sudden sharp stops at traffic lights just to see me squirm and jump from my seat he laughed at this evreytime like it was the funniest joke in the world. My mother was shot by hunters when I turned 14 so i was stuck living with my stepdad and his wicked exuse of a daughter tira. Tira was always the worst point of my day iw ould come home and find more and more of my things missing from my rrom one time she took the locket my mother gave me when i found it it was dameged and scraped i was so upset that my eyes stung and my throat burned but i swaloded the lump in my throat and told my self not to cry  but when i whent to confront her she told me it was cheap and fake and not worth wasting time on something so ugly thats when i lashed out and hit her of course she exaggerated and my step father tony locked me in my room for 2 days fed on stale bread and water he broke my old brick nokia so iwouldent call the police on him though i should after the bruises he's left on my skin. But all this will change tonight because they cant stop me from changing and reaching my full potential tonight i shall follow in my mothers footsteps and become a werewolf then at midnight ... Ill get them.

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very nice!

Tue, October 2nd, 2012 11:50pm

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