Endangered species of the world

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A poem about endangered species that I prepared for my project

Endangered species

There are animals which are no more

Species to move into this set are much more

There are more reasons to mention

Most of them are by human


Most animals’ hides are ripped off

Many are hunted for pleasure

Only for cash and pride

Also contributed by nature


Endangered, whose lives are seriously threatened.

Men, track their footprints

Track their smell

Leaving no hopes of their survival


No animal wants to be the last one

Why do we make it so?


Now they only run for life

To find some space to breathe

To find forests to hide

To find some places to quench thirst


Can anyone dive into their eyes

To look at their misery

Concealed behind their fiery and dreadful eyes

Even push plants to extinction


Plants of high values

For sure will like to lose it

As they are highly exploited
cannot strive for lives like birds and animals


Please dive into the world of thoughts

Let the future world see species!!!


Submitted: July 20, 2014

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