The Halt

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Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



The Halt

The year was 2036 when doom struck our planet. Huge asteroids like that one do not come with a warning. It came at Earth with a speed that numbers couldn’t describe. It consisted of unknown radioactive elements that possibly no radiologist would even understand until the effects have been applied. It would also affect anything or anyone on Earth a moment after it hits, that is if Earth’s inhabitants will survive even after it strikes our planet.  The planet Pelzonna’s inhabitants, who were robotic aliens to us, sent the asteroid our way causing the effects it would cause to humans as well. The only thing human kind could have been sure of is that this is one extremely powerful asteroid. Soon in a matter of milliseconds the asteroid collided with our susceptible planet. But this crash didn’t end up with Earth getting just damaged; this resulted in our world getting shattered into thousands of pieces. As soon as the second it hit, every single human who wasn’t destroyed on Earth got exposed to unknown radiation.

One specific part of earth didn’t get any of the part that was broken off exceedingly damaged. This was a small village in Uelen. Most of the inhabitants weren’t fatally physically harmed either. The feelings thoughts and ideas of the poor villagers was not something that would be relatable in any way, other than the fact that you have experienced them for yourself. It is almost impossible for someone to imagine what it would be like for them to go through, but nonetheless their experience is the kind of thing that you won’t get over for a very long time if not eternity.

The village’s newborns and the people who were naturally at their end of their lives were incapable of handling the immense shockwave of the crash. On the other hand the rest of them were doing fairly good if we were to compare them to another group of people in their shoes, although they definitely had better times. One of the most educated and youngest of the villagers would be twenty year old Melaine. Other than the stereotypical thoughts of the traditional and older villagers who were just coming to irrational assumptions, the younger ones such as Melaine were thinking more practically. More of how they were going to survive this serious situation and less of discussing the past matters even though Melaine herself had some curious thoughts about this incident. So most of them decided, for now, to just try and get occupied with doing some daily routines until any sort of help arrives. Melaine instead started to look more into the “how” of the incident and possible effects of it as well. Also being the most interested in studying this accidental crash as time progressed the interest increased. She truly just wanted to find everything that she could about this asteroid which just happened to come crashing into earth on its own.  Unlike all of the other individuals who were just thinking of this as a coincident or other non-logical explanations, she thought something involving with the universe beyond the small world we are in, had something to do with it. So she was completely ready to put her all into finding a possible after effect that it might have caused on the humans in particular. Melaine soon was assured of the past suspension which is now supported by the feeling she got that just told her that there definitely was an effect from the asteroid on the humans because she herself felt a bit…abnormal. But more than anything she needed to get ahold a sample of at least a couple of the villager’s cells for just a simple analysis to completely come to a conclusion on this very possible possibility but she needed a plan.

In the meantime two men who were out in space for the past time were making their way back to remnants of earth with curiosity of what happened even if they had an idea. James and Peter were really confused the second they landed on Uelen which was the closest part of earth they could easily return to. The villagers were honestly glad to be aware of more survivors of the terrible incident. The astronauts being very interested in how everything happened and went to Melaine since she did seem the most knowledgeable about it and she told them both all that the villagers knew as far as. A lot of time passed since the crash with everybody trying their best to move on as much as they possibly could. Melaine noticed that the people around her didn’t seem to be acting…normally as the time progressed either. And with her experience she was going to try and find out why but she needed the villager’s high esteem of the astronauts to remain for her to carry out her plan.

One day a big space vessel approached and the villagers were thrilled of the fact that help has come. Out came the people. They introduced themselves as Pilot John Lancer who happened to be a pilot helping out any survivors of the terrible event, and his workmen who were to assist him in completing the task.  They got to know the villagers and gained their trust, but these so called people, who were acting as though they were going to heal the destruction, were acting even more abnormal in some similar ways as the villagers acted and now Melaine’s own unusual feelings and actions were getting even worse in a way. Also the fact that she was starting to have doubts about her decisions herself is extremely out of the ordinary for her. What Melaine exactly asked the astronauts to do was try to help her convince the village people to let her experiment with a sample of their cells which is the reason why she would need the grownup astronauts’ aid and understand that this is not at all a childish experiment. This was all for the good of the human race so she knew she was doing the right thing for a good cause.

One day, after rough times of begging, convincing, and working her very hardest, the analyses that Melaine had been conducting came to an end. The results of the tests and experiments took much longer than usual because of the little amount of high tech equipment that Melaine was able to acquire in the village. The moment has come where she will have made a complete fool out of herself or become a person who would possibly figure out a dangerous threat to the human race making all her hard work either completely a waste of time and energy or completely worth it. She got the results which was that: The radiation from the asteroid that was hit resulted in the humans that were still alive on earth who were exposed to it to lose almost all their humanly characteristics. Some of the characteristics would be aging, being able to reproduce, also getting rid of all their emotions, and giving them only logical, mechanical, alien ways of thinking, eternal life, and also a fate for the human race to never have another generation ever again.

…I think it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that Melaine was stunned, frozen solid and speechless. The second she came back to reality she made a promise to herself to not go to all the villagers to tell the news all at once at least for now. She hoped for enough time of still being with emotions until the time comes when she has finished what she started by creating an antidote. It was something that she had to do to fulfill her part as a person with her knowledge in this world and she would try her very best for as long as possible.

The only people whose names come to mind whom she thinks is steady, patient and intelligent enough to handle this news would be James, Peter, possibly Pilot John, since he is someone worthy of knowing after all that he has done for the people who were in need. She first explained the situation to them and then showed the evidence. They didn’t respond in agreement at first but they knew this was very far away from a time to joke around. Then something that would have been the last thing possible to happen happened.

Pilot John told them to please stay calm when he reveals this to them… Then they all watched as “Pilot John” transformed into a…monster…alien…robot…no, he transformed himself into a cyborg! Poor humans can handle only so much in a matter of weeks. They ran as far as they possibly could out of a light mixture of fear, amazement, and that feeling you get when you know your brain has totally lost it, until they all fainted. When all three came to, they saw Pilot John’s human form returning and looking down at them. He made it clear to them he did not wish to hurt them or endanger the human race. He informed them he came from the planet of Pelzonna to change sides. The Pelzonnians who weren’t cyborgs as Pilot John wanted every other inhabitants of the universe to transform into the aliens that they were. Unknowingly Pilot John was taken from his own planet and put there but as everyone knows you cannot turn a born cyborg into a full alien. But anyways he was totally against the plan of destruction of earth and conversion of humans so he tried to stop it and failed. So he did the least he could and used his knowledge of the asteroid and the Pelzonnians against them to come up with an antidote. He apologized for not being able to stop the alien asteroid and letting it destroy earth. The three still mostly humans were just hearing in their brains over and over again the words that Pilot John had said, to clarify that they actually heard it. The four words being, “I made the antidote…”

Astounded. They were simply astounded. What of you ask, well the fact that there is now proof that cyborgs actually exist(aliens too), Pilot John is crying over how he as just one cyborg has not been able to stop something planned by possibly hundreds of aliens,  that Pilot John had the antidote, and how normal everything once was just a few weeks ago.

What to do next would have been the next question of Melaine. But it’s an easy answer. They will stop the aliens plot by giving every single person on earth the antidote. The world would be cured of turning in to emotionless and possibly evil creatures and they will probably become celebrities.

So together, Melaine and Pilot John, with the help of the astronauts put a HALT to the HALT of human kind.


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