That what Friends Are For

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a poem about faith, and friends

Submitted: July 19, 2014

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Submitted: July 19, 2014



When the road you walk is cold, and your feet are sore when doubt feel ones mind with more question then answers to what is to unfold...

I will be their.

With a pair of fresh socks, and a blanket over your shoulder to shelter you from them hash winds.

When solitude is like an irksome vibe that makes your skin begin to crawl, and them spirits of those that are not their for your good interest telling you evil things...

I will be their with encourage words to tell you all is not lost, and every bird learn to sing once again.

When your pocket got noting but lint, and that tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth, or your stomach rumbles like Mt. Helen and you have no where to turn.

I will give you a drink, and a hearty meal as good as the words I whisper in your ear to burn away them awful things you once heard.

When the world has oust you, because you seem odd, or out of place, and plans for the woods to be your new home...

I will always be their.

I am here to say that load you assumed was yours alone, it is no longer just yours to bare but mine as well.

We are friends through thick, thin, even rain, or shine for everyday that seem like sorrow is in actuality a rainbow yet to be unfold.

With me as your friend, and light you will be bold once again learning true friends are really hard to find.


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