We Thought We Knew Jason

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A man is using this free verse poem to tell the story of a guy who everyone thought they knew before the past came back to haunt that guy.

Submitted: June 10, 2019

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Submitted: June 10, 2019



At first, we thought we

knew Jason because

he was such a great

guy to have around

and had done no bad.


Even Melissa thought

that he was okay to

love and marry. As a

matter of fact, we just

received a postcard

from Melissa which

said that she and Jason

were enjoying their

honeymoon in Venice.


But that was before

Mom got a phone call

from the American

Embassy there and

they told her that the

local police had found

Melissa in a hotel room

beaten, raped and shot

dead right in the face.


They also found Jason

tied tightly to a chair and

shot six times with the

same gun that killed poor



That made me go to the

library and use one of

their computers to look

up the name 'Jason

Bowen' only to find out

that it was not his real



It was really Matthew

Meyers and he was

wanted by the mob

for robbing some of

their own guys blind.


As for my poor sister,

it was because of that

gunshot to the face

that we're unable to

give her an open

coffin at the funeral.


And as for 'Jason',

that stinking jerk

could just rot in hell

for all I freaking care!

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