Say Cheese

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This is a story about a mouse who celebrates mothers day. It is quite funny and suitable for children.

Submitted: September 11, 2010

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Submitted: September 11, 2010



Most mice adore cheese, but my mom is different. She doesn’t just adore cheese: she’s crazy about it! My mom is a photographer for the local newspaper, Mice Daily, and she goes click, click, and click on her camera all day long. That’s why she’s so obsessed with cheese. She tells mice to “Say Cheese!” and then clicks away.

You might say, “That’s not too bad”, but no, Mom even decorates the house with cheese. Cheese-patterned wallpaper and stickers fill the walls. Carpets in cheesecake shapes decorate the floors. A gigantic cheese stuffed toy sits on the sofa, waiting to be played with. Cheese-shaped candles flicker on the tables and pictures of cheese are hung on the walls.

Every day, Mom dresses in bright yellow clothes with wide pockets where she stores her cheese-patterned notebook and her cheese-scented pen. Mom has earrings too. The left one says, “Say” and the right one says, “Cheese”. Mom always carries her backpack, one that has cheese key chains dangling from the zipper. That’s where she stores her camera, batteries and film. Everyone stares at me like I’m the one who told my poor mother to look cheesy.

But even though my mom is strange, it doesn’t mean she’s different from other mouse moms. In fact, I think she has lots of magic in her. She cooks amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese burgers. Mom can clean up a mess of spilled cheese latte in no time. And with a snap of a camera, she can put stunning photos in our local newspaper. So, happy mother’s day, magical mouse mom! And before I forget to say, just remember to “Say Cheese!” when your family takes a happy mother’s day photo at home.

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