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What makes you you? This is what has helped me shape up my Character.

Submitted: October 04, 2010

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Submitted: October 04, 2010



We are all individuals and our characters are shaped by a variety of influences. These include our parent’s values, our education and our experience and interaction with other people. Having been brought up in such a cosmopolitan and multi cultural environment in Hong Kong, I feel what makes me who I am is a wide array of influences that other people around the world aren’t lucky enough to have.
I am part of a family of three. My parents encourage high education however believe that I should have freedom instead of being forced to learn. They appreciate my ideas and let me make my own decisions as they trust I will make the right choices and that it will also make me more independent. Being so close to my parents has made me follow their beliefs and ways, and I value their philosophy and what they have taught me in my eleven years.
School has also played an important role in shaping my character. My school, German Swiss International School, is a very international school that has many students from different parts of the world. I have friends from numerous countries, Germany, India, China, America, England, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Japan and many others which have mixed cultures. That way I am very familiar with children from different places that have different backgrounds and cultures.
At my school, we learn a variety of languages. English, of course, as well as Mandarin or French and German. When we start to learn a new language our teachers will always tell us a bit about the country itself. Learning and being able to speak different languages has also influenced me.
At GSIS there are heaps of teachers, from the nice, helpful ones to the strict and stern ones. Each teacher has not only taught academically but also socially such as manners, being polite, and basic rules.
I believe that I am very fortunate to have had so many opportunities to learn and interact with new people, places and cultures during my eleven years. I have so many things to value in my life, and all of them have helped make me the funny, outgoing friendly eleven year old girl I am today.

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