A girl kind of like me

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I got to thinking one night about why I do what I do, think how I think and feel how I feel. This is what I came up with. The short answer, experience and genetics. Cop out I know, but hey, it works, doesn't it?

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



I’m the kind of girl
who will dress up special
just because I know what you like

I’m the kind of girl
who will write long letters
I’ll even seal them with a wax kiss

And I’ll wait patiently
for you to tell me everything
because I actually care what’s wrong

I’m the kind of girl
who will tear herself up
just because she didn’t know

Maybe I’m scared to talk
too scared to use my voice
but inside I’m writing to you

And just because I can
I’ll write you a poem
that maybe you’ll never see

I’m the kind of girl
who dreams about him
hoping that he will never find me

I’ve hurt myself
because even though he was wrong
I’m fighting to say it’s me

I’m the kind of girl
who just keeps hoping
that tomorrow will be better

Even if every day
has been so damn hard
just to get out of bed

I’m the kind of girl
who really doesn’t know
what kind of girl I am

I’m the kind of girl
that wants to be wrapped in your arms
and told that everything will be okay

But if you let me
ill be the girl
who makes you smile

I’ll make you laugh
when you want to cry
and cry even though you’re scared

I’m not a girl who judges
I’ll give anyone a chance
to prove that I’m wrong

I’m still the little girl
that wishes on stars and chips
on eyelashes and on times

I’ll trust you innocently
I’ll get hurt and not notice
just because it made you happy

And that’s all I wanted
to make him happy
and have him love me back

I’m the kind of girl
who loves with everything she has
every once of her being

That makes me the kind of girl
who doesn’t give up
not completely, not yet

Because somewhere I know
there is a man out there
who can honestly love and cherish

A girl who’s kind of like me

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