The Mirror World

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Not completley happy with it but this is one of my favourites.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



My phone beeped to show a text had come through. I sat up so fast that I banged my head on the shelf above me; stating the obvious it hurt loads!  My hand reached out and begun searching through the texts to find the newest one and the one that would define the whole of my social life until at least year twelve or something! Josh had texted back and that said something about my status that I’d never had before; because I’d never had status before. I had texted Josh saying, “U were so funny in class 2day, lol x”. It was a bit too flirty when I reread it but went for it anyway; regretting it ever since. I’d hidden in the airing cupboard awaiting a text from the hottest boy in school and it had finally come. “Yh, lol. So wat u doin l8r? Wanna hook up 4 a movie or smfing?” I screamed so loud that I was sure that I’d burst my own ear drum in this small space! Not wanting to seem desperate or anything, I waited a couple of seconds before texting back. “Sure, movie sounds gd thxs! U buy tickets + I’ll get popcorn! We could c new space raider’s movie, no u lov it! X” Was it weird or stalker-ish that I knew that?! Oh well, that would have to save for later as my finger had already hit send. He waited a little longer than I had hoped he would before texting back but still the words he sent would stay with me forever (is that sad or what?) “K, c u then, movie at 9. Don’t b l8 plz! X” My life had officially only just begun because this was my new life as a popular and that’s what people would knew me as now, a popular kid! Shrieking with joy, I ran to get all face masked and beauty- ed up! I grabbed my make up case and knocked over my little brother in the process. Kye screamed out loud with (well I don’t know what because he had his little padded bottom) anger as he was winded without even an apologise. I quickly slid down the banisters and grabbed a lolly from downstairs and flung it up to him. He watched it fall beside him and happily stuck it in his mouth, ceasing the noise. I listened but Dad at work and Mum was having time away from “us kids” in a soaking bath and would have her stereo on full-blast anyway. So I skirted round Kye and ran for the bathroom. The entrance was suddenly blocked by a green faced mutant with mouth so open it looked like it could eat me up all in one! “Arrgh!” I shouted at the sheer ugliness of the thing. It screamed back at me and I backed away slowly. “It’s me, you idiot. You nearly gave me a heart attack just then!” It was only Sophie, the most annoying sister in the world, no doubt! “I don’t care now get outta the way will you!” I shrieked back at her as loudly as I could to get it into her pea brain that this was my bathroom too! But no, she swaggered into the bathroom and locked the door behind her before I had time to stick my foot in the door crack. I hit the door severally times so she’d get the point that I wasn’t going anywhere. But eventually I did, as she started to sing as she ran her bath. The notes that only the devil could hit filled my ears and I backed again in horror! Mum came out of her room at that precise moment that Sophie’s voice seemed to be at the point where she would burst the antique vase in the hall downstairs. “What is all this racket? Sophie? Miranda?” I covered away at the use of my real name. “Mum, please call me Mindy, I’ve told you before!” I muttered back at her, glaring at her perfectly done feet. “Less of your cheek, little miss and you didn’t answer my question! What’s with all the racket?!” Mum seemed to scream the least bit as if competing with Sophie in the never ending devil’s contest! “Sophie started...” I begun but my sister started a sentence just as I was finishing mine, how rude! “Miranda started it!” she shouted back in my face, playing with the “Miranda” bit in her mouth as if to taunt me! “I don’t care who started it but I’m finishing it!” she shouted back at Sophie. She gave her a shove and Sophie fell backwards into the bathroom while Mum shut the door loudly. “You scraper!” she turned to me and glared at me until I reluctantly turned around. When I turned back round she was picking up Kye and making her way downstairs. ‘This was my chance’ I thought and ran across the corridor to her bedroom. When I was safely in, I shut the door and ran to the bathroom, this was an en-suite belonging to Mum and Dad. It was out of bounds but this time was different! Josh had asked me out so all the rules of the game had changed and anything was possible! I reached the door and locked it quietly. “Yes!” I muttered, silently celebrating as I ran a bath using all of the ‘special relaxing’ bath stuff I could hunt down. As the bath ran, I stripped and turned to the bathroom mirror. It was long, white and one of Mum’s petite catalogue selections. It really was petite as my reflection seemed to be squeezing itself in. I was getting fatter and larger it seemed but if Josh liked me the way I was then so be it. The reflection frowned at me. ‘That’s odd’ I thought, feeling my forehead, trying to find the frown but not succeeded. When I pulled my hand away something had changed but I didn’t know what. Everything looked the same but something didn’t feel right inside me. It felt like I was going to be sick but I couldn’t open my mouth. I should get to the toilet because Mum’s loved this particular rug more than anything and I didn’t want to ruin it. This had been a bad idea all along so I decided to leave but found that my feet were going the wrong way altogether. I glanced at my reflection who was stepping forward just like me. It was of course my reflection but something was different because it wasn’t me anymore. It was her, the reflection was guiding me! I was the reflection now! But the power she seemed to have was far too strong and I couldn’t move except the way she wanted me too. Her arms went out and so did mine then everything happened at once. She jumped, I jumped and I waited for the collision but none came. I opened my eyes and suddenly everything went cold and dark. I could just make out my bathroom ahead and my reflection who was draining the bath and leaving the room. “Wait, please don’t do this!” I yelled but whether she heard me or not, I’ll never know as she opened the door and left. I ran to stop her but the image faded only with the light it was giving and I was standing in complete darkness. With no way out it seemed. I was stuck in “Mirror World”.

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