my rap song (not for kids)

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honestly.... I have no idea what my fingers are bout to type. We'll see what comes out-nothing good guranteed. As usual pause at the periods.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



so you call me dysfunctional when im holding a mike. I am irrational so go and take a hike. Better yet hop on a bike. Run over a baby yeah take its life. You think you know me you dont know shit. That american dream well this aint it. You wanna see the world through my eyes. Jump in a truck. Hit every person you see and dont give a fuck. Yeah you think im crazy talking bout killing and shit. Trust me ive done worse shit than this. Im just beginning havent even started. Slice open your heart. Call you open hearted. Blood gushing out. Thank god im thirst. By the time i chug it its tooth hirty. Go to the dentist get drilled into. The penatration is nothing compared to me going in you. And as i do. You scream my name while i fuck you. This raps about over and im glad its shit. Go ahead be a punk bitch and flag it.

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