rape,murder. Not fo' child'ren

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bored. Tired

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



i watch her scream. Tied hands and tied feet. I watch her yell. Crying out loud in my hell. She begs me please. Please dont hurt me. I tell her a lie. Trust me you wont die!!!!!!!! the blade cuts deep. Makes her twitch and scream. The blood drains out. Like pouring from a spout. Knock at the door. Neighbor heard her fall to the floor. He runs away. Probly to call the state. I make it quick. Grab her so rough. She likes it slow. But slows not enough. I give it hard. So she knows what ive got. I make her scream. God, shes so hot. Now she bleeds. Crying for more. Its true love. But cops are at the door. She dresses fast. Runs to answer their call. They say hello mam. Is everything alright. She says yes, just haviing a bad night. They walk away. She turns to me to say. I have aids. Now you will pay...

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