the different homeless man

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yep. Bored again. See what comes out of takin 45 minute bus ride to school

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



there is a man with bags around his feet and loneliness in his heart. He made mistakes took wrong paths and has been lost since the start. He sits on the street corner with a can hes had for years. People pass him up hog their money cuz they think he wants to buy beer. But really he wants to better himself and get a job to buy a house. With no change he cant change the fact that his neighbors a mouse. Someday he'll rise up and everyone will be in his shade. Because he knows the feeling of loss and the pain of paying. Hes put up with the hurt of doing the work to make it work. Now he just needs a hand to put in his hand a fork. How can he fix what hes broken if he doesnt have a chance. How can he stand when hes always held down. Will he really ever get up or remain on the ground.

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