they killed my family... (revenge is yummy)

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really slow at first. But please give it a chance. Guranteed fav. Pause at the periods please. Thats how i wrote it. Speed up for when it gets to four men. Thankyou. Please, feel free to comment. Let me know what you think bout it. Thanks

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



the trees drop leaves that fall to the ground. A little bird chirps a beautiful sound. the water is flowing so peaceful and calm. Im bout to enter the front door of my home.

The walls are newly painted for the new baby. The bedrooms are tidy and supper is ready. Sun glaring in keeps the place warm. I open my daughters room and im attacked by a swarm.

Four tall men with masks and base ball bats. They strike me a few times and leave it at that. There is blood in the crib and my wifes in the floor. They kick her again and they call her a whore. My baby is gone and they dont give a damn. I snatch away the bat and i become a new man. I strike one the strikers and slam a mans face. All their blood is gushing as if its a race. My wife is just screaming shes in shock and dying. My daughter is silent shes not even crying. But the men are all bleeding the blood of the guilty. I hit them repeatedly they shouldnt have fucked with me. Some call me crazy cause i tied them all up. Tortured them slowly yeah they aint so tough.

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