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kinda pointless to right this to her cause she doesn't even know i write poetry. But. Oh well. Just figured I'd do it. Its pretty sloppy but im on sleepin pills, gotta head ache, and feel kinda ill. So... Yeah. Thanks for reading. As usual my format is dumb, but i wrote on my mobile and cant adjust format. Cheap straighttalk phone. Need a computer. Thanks for reading. Means more than you know.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



We've been together now for two and a half years. I still can't believe that me and you made it here. After peaks and valleys and some caves that run deep. All our restless nights where neither of us could sleep. We pulled through it all and stayed as tight as ever. Even through the pain and tears we remain together. I know sometimes I make you think you hate me. And other times I make you think it's a bad dream. But after it all we some how made us last. I think we should look forward and not in the past. I want to buy you that diamond ring you gaze at on the tv. Cause I'll never part from you and you'll never leave me. Want to seal the deal and put one on your lips. Spend the night savoring every single kiss. Cause it's nights like this. That I hope I never miss.

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