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wrote this. Its all true. I didnt make it up. Actually i took out a lot of stuff, figured it was too long. Thanks for reading. Remember im on my phone, no computer, so the dashes -- are the end of lines. Thankyou. Feel free to comment and leave the title of your writings and I'll read and comment as soon as possible. Thanks again.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



My Mom reads self-help books.-- Sister complains about her looks.-- My Mom, she only reads and cooks.-- My Sis, complains while her food cooks.-- My Dads a monster created by Jack.-- He drinks and drinks then swears he'll never come back.-- I pray he doesn't I don't need his crap.-- My girlfrind thinks I only love her for her rack.-- Honestly, I really do think I'm crazy.-- Roaming the world looking for someone to hate me.-- Want to fight them and make them scream like a baby.-- Instead I just sit here and keep having the same dream.-- Where I'm a star up on a huge stage.-- Yelling my words of hopelessness and rage.-- Maybe then I could turn the page.-- Hit the road living outside of this cage.-- My girls got a friend whose a little to close.-- If he got any closer he'd probly step on her toes.-- I don't leave them alone cause I'm afraid that she blows.-- But she likes his attention and invites him in her home.-- Found out that diseases are passed down.-- I hoped for a heart attack but guess what I found.-- Got alcholic sketched into my DNA so I'm drinking bound.-- Destined for a life of a constant frown thats always pointing down.--

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