I finally understand

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You figure it out!

I finally understand

I stand alone as I always have,

I glance about feeling tears in my eyes.

My gut suppressing sorrow

Striving to feel safe and slumber in a dirty burrow.

T’is all based on delusional lies

Trust me, you will know my wrath.

In pain and suffer I carry on

Aware that few have worse, still get much done.

Convinced of this, I don't care for me

Those in need are relieved of pain

Seeing many nursed, yet I am left in vain

No matter who is near or how loud I cry

All peer through the ghost I have come to be.

I am a mighty warrior dynamic to try

But my soul screams comfort

I stand alone upon my fort

My subjects look up to me

All seem dutiful to play

I need the strength to rule day and night

Leading those who keep my kingdom bright,

But they avoid reality,

Comprehending a kingdom cannot shine this day

Working united is no more, lost morality

Too much ignorance and pride

One takes a stand to offer some a ride

Yelling the care for themselves, “help mum!”

Becoming their servant until death do us part,

And when you no longer can,

You will be replaced like an old watering can

Or worse, kept alive with restored parts.

For the greed and needs of a careless being

Equals a parasite

Like a leech, sucking you dry

Until there is no more spewing

Aware of my feelings in sight

My world bears no time to pour

Just as I possess no life despite

All those staring at me

Taking all they can, to be

Conscious that little Chi remains inside.

Who am I? I’ll let you decide.

Submitted: September 20, 2020

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