As One With The Vampire

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This poem was inspired by a friend of mine who is into all those cult vampire movies and t.v. programs. I don't watch too many of them myself, although I have seen many vampire films and read a lot of short stories on the subject. Hope you like it.

Submitted: March 18, 2010

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Submitted: March 18, 2010



She came on to me in the dead of night,

Like a ghost, she came out of nowhere,

I was mesmerised by her hypnotic eyes,

While my mind was saying, don't go there,

But I couldn't break the erotic spell,

She cast in my direction,

I looked all around, but could not find help,

It was left to my own discretion,

To make my choice and take my chance,

And give in to my desires,

And join in her hypnotic dance,

And become as one with the vampire.

And we danced until my heart was content,

Beneath the stars, we danced through the night,

The erotic dance of a lover's lament,

So haunting and spiritual, it set my soul alight.

Her beauty cast it's shadow upon me,

As it soft and gently touched my skin,

And filled me with a longing to concede,

My body and my soul to the wind.

The wind on which she travelled with ease,

Would take her to where her heart desired,

And tonight her heart desired me,

And I became as one with the vampire.

Locked in her wonderous spell of seduction,

I dared not run, I could not flee,

I watched the disappearance of my own reflection,

As she drank my blood and fed off me.

My horror soon gave way to the realisation,

Of the immortality bestowed on me,

And the wonderously erotic sensation,

Known only to the vampire's creed.

I owe it all to this huntress of the night,

This lady known only as Carmilla,

The one who granted me eternal life,

And made me as one with the vampire.


© Copyright 2019 Borloff. All rights reserved.

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