Goodnight Elizabeth

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based on a true story of my first love and loss

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



I once heard a song a song I will never forget “I was wasted in the afternoon, waiting on a train, I woke up in pieces and Elisabeth had disappeared again, well I wish you were inside of me, I hope that you're ok, I hope your resting quietly, I just wanted to say, goodnight Elizabeth” “Goodnight Elizabeth-The Counting Crows”

It’s always hard to move to a new town, so it was no surprise when my first day at school was anything but pleasant. A whole new cast of idiots to show their low IQ’s, but in the midst of the humiliation, the tripping down the stairs, being shoved in the trash can by the gym, there was one sliver of hope, Elizabeth, she was out of place a little gothic girl the only one I had ever seen in this small town in West Virginia getting home I decided to give my wardrobe a makeover, a full length leather trench coat was the icing on the cake my personal favorite, but what happened the next day I would never expected. I showed up to school with my new cloths a solid black shirt what I have come to learn are bondage or trip pants, my hair blue and to my shoulders and my new found coat, three steps off the bus started an interesting day.

“… Do I know you?”

“No I’m new here”

“I got it, you’re the guy they stuffed in the trash can yesterday… may I ask what the hell your doing”

“Getting off the bus”

I didn’t happen to see she had already started to swing when then I was on the ground

“Look here poser, first you show up dressed like that then you start being a smartass, what the hell are is you’re problem… Asshole!”

Without giving me a chance to respond she turned and walked away and like that not only was she gone but I had blown my chance to talk to her.


With 3 periods down 4 to go the day just kept getting worse as my new wardrobe was more of a problem than anticipated, social studies, relearning the things I already knew so I only acted like listening, it probably wouldn’t have seemed noticeable if I didn’t have my head down, so I have heard that fait is an elegant cold hearted whore, but I had no clue. As the teacher was called away the idiots came to play.

“What’s up Goth boy, liking the blue hair fag”

I can’t tell what was thrown but it kind of hurt, but as I said elegant COLD HEARTED whore, as the boy went flying across the room, I almost didn’t notice the little gothic girl standing over him screaming at the top of her lungs, and wouldn’t have seen her throw the chair at him, being a jock he would never admit it, so it wasn’t surprising when no one said anything to the teacher.

“Why did you take up for me… you know after knocking me out and all?”

“As much as I hate people who don’t mean what they do, I hate people who tease people for doing something out of the ordinary”

“What do you mean don’t mean what they do?”

“Well why the sudden change.”

“Because I was tired of people messing with me new town same shit and I saw a cute girl who got respect with how she dressed, and handled herself I was hoping to meet her but the first time I talked to her I got a really hard hand shake… to the face!”

(A blush? Do I call her out on it?) “Aww was that a blush I saw, how cute”

Don’t make me knock you out again

“Well I was wrong about the soft side and…”

“The next thing I knew her lips were locked with mine as soon as I could comprehend what was happening the moment was over”

“God have you ever kissed anyone just to get them to shut the fuck up? You are going to stop talking before you rune my reputation… what are you doing after school?”

“Let me think, watch some porn, jack off, you know the usual”

“Alright smartass then you can come listen to some good music in the comfort of my own home”

“Wow first you knock me, out kiss me, then ask me to come home with you, I could come up with some joke about working fast but I’ll just accept your request… just this once”


“Hey if you get called an asshole more than once a day does that make it true”


“I already knew that one”

Even throw I had an odd feeling I was excited for the evening to come maybe this new town wouldn’t be so bad.


Finally getting to the apartment and up to her room she couldn’t wait to put on her favorite CD on full blast

“Could you turn that up louder I don’t think the neighbors can hear it yet”

“What are you bitching about smartass”

“Isn’t your mom going to get mad about the disable level?”

“Well first of all I live with my cousin, second fuck you! So poser I’m going to play a song and you’re going to tell me who it is”

“As she played this song I knew I had never heard I liked it “

“Hey this is a good song!”

“You don’t goodbye to romance its Ozzy Osborn for crying out loud”


“Oh my god how the hell do not know”

Cutting her off I pressed my lips against hers and gave her a kiss this one was longer it was nice but it was still shorter than I would have liked then I saw it again the blush.

“So she is a girl after all”

Giving me a cute look I never would have expected the words to follow.

“After everything I have been through its nice for someone to look at me for who I am and not what I wear.”

“Elizabeth your beauty shows no matter what you wear”

“I have never had anyone see me many have looked but no one has seen.”

The next 6 months were the best of my life but everything comes to an end. Elizabeth wasn’t at school that day and I was worried, and called the second I got off the bus,

“Hey beautiful… what’s wrong”

“I need you”

“When and where baby”

“Don’t be a smartass I need you to come up now”

“It’s a twenty minute walk and I just got off the bus”

“Thanks for the support asshole!”

All I heard was a pop and silence so I ran, I ran and never stopped, reaching the apartment I was stopped by an officer as the paramedics carried out a young Goth girl who wanted nothing more than for someone to see who she was and realize she was a girl that wanted to be loved, in the end she lived with her cousin because she was running away from an abusive father who found her and beat her, as he threw his gun at the wall cursing her existence and telling her she didn’t deserve to live, all she wanted was someone to see her as a girl to see that her existence was worth something the only thing she lived, and died for. I fell in love with a little gothic girl in a small town in West Virginia, I never thought the first song she ever played for us would be ironic. Well Elizabeth goodbye to romance goodbye to friends goodbye to all the past I guess that well meet in the end, goodnight Elizabeth

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