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a group of kids tell and listen to stories about the crazies

Submitted: November 10, 2013

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Submitted: November 10, 2013



No one really knows what goes around at night looking into their windows, clawing their door and whispering their names at night. But they do know its human during the day and imitates animals at night but dogs are not blind to these things. When a dog sees them creeping around they howl and bark going crazy trying to scare them away. Although at times these things can make even the biggest dog cry and hide. I was told to stay in the house once the sun went down and the crazies came out to play.

Sitting by a fire an hour before the sun is over the mountains I asked my cousins if they heard any stories about the crazies. My oldest cousin jumps to the chance to tell me a story, she’s the wise one of the bunch.  She tells us to all sit in closer hear the story, we all crowd on one side of the fire standing and sitting eager to hear what she has to say. She looks around to make sure none of the adults were around to get after us for talking about something that could affect the family. But we’re young and thirsty to hear anything that could be about the crazies. Once she was done looking she leans forward and starts to tell us.

“I was home with Renee because my parents had to go into town to get some things for the party when it happened. We were watching tv in my room when I heard a knock on the door, I didn’t want to open the door so I turned off the tv and we sat there on my bed. They only knocked twice and left so we thought it was one of my dad’s drunk friends. We were about to turn the tv back on when I heard banging on the back door so we closed my door and tried to call my dad. He said he was in town so just call Eric to come over, we tried calling him but he was at his girlfriend’s place and would try to get to us as soon as he could.

Renee and I just stayed in my room when Eric came by around 11pm with his 22. Rifle, when he called I open the door for him and he said that he was going to stay with up till our parents came back. Renee went to sleep and Eric was watching tv in the living room while I stayed up in my room watching tv too. Around 12 it started to rain and my dad called and said he and my mom were going to stay in town since it was really bad. Eric said I could stay up till 1 so I was watching my show when I heard my name, I thought it was Eric so I went into the living room but he was sleeping on the couch. I thought I was just hearing things so I went back to watching tv then I heard it again.”

We all started to look at each other while my cousin was nodding her head agreeing to how shocked we were. Then my cousin Gina looking straight at Emma asks her what happened next unsure if she wanted to hear what Emma had to say. Emma looks at us first before continuing her story.

  “I was sitting on my bed when I heard my name clearly this time and it sounded like a mad whisper. I just jumped out my bed and woke up Eric and told him what I was hearing, he got up and walked into my room looking under my bed and in the closest then went to Renee’s room. He said he didn’t see anything so I just stayed in Renee’s room but when I was about to go to sleep I saw something by Renee’s window, like a small person looking into window.  My heart just stopped and I started to scream and Eric ran into the room and saw it. Renee just jumped out of her bed and ran to me, you guys know how her window is right across the room from the door. So Eric saw it and ran for his gun, and told me to lock the door once he closed the door.

  We just turned on the living room lights and stayed in there next thing I know I heard Eric shoot his gun about four times. We just stayed by the door waiting about ten minutes when I heard Eric tell me to open the door. I thought he had his keys to I waited for a few seconds then he said he left his keys on the table, so I was about to open the door when the door knob started to move. And it was Eric opening the door with his keys, I asked him why he wanted me to open the door if he had his keys. He just looked at me weird and said he didn’t ask me to open the door.”  

  Gina didn’t blink when she was asking if it was the crazies that was bothering her that night. Feeling like we need to lighten the tension, my second oldest cousin, Jay, scares Gina by spooking her while she waited for an answer to her question. We all laughed at her running half way to her house screaming, once she got done hitting jay in the arm she looks at Emma for the answer and Emma just says “well Eric said the crazies have the ability to mimic people’s voices to lure them outside” I then ask her “did your dad or Eric see any tracks in the morning?” Jay then answers for Emma “I bet they didn’t, I heard they like to run in the bad storms cause you can’t track em I the morning.” Thinking for a second we all agree with him. We then look at the sunset to estimate how much time we have before we had to head into Gina’s house. Enough for one more story so I ask Gina if she heard any knew stories.

  Gina and my aunty lived together since her dad had passed away so Gina and her mom would stay in this midsized house that was about a quarter mile from the highway. On the weekends my cousins and I would visit her and have a small gathering on weekends. Today was a party and we all stayed for the night, so outside by the fire was Emma, Jay, Gina, and me while our parents were packing things up and got ready to leave. Gina always had some stories since she knew a lot of people in and out of school. It took her only a minute to get excited to tell us her story.

“You guys know how they can turn into animals right?” we all nodded and agreed to it “well my friend mike” “you mean your boyfriend?” said Emma with a smile. Gina laughs denying it while Jay and I look at each other wishing they were guys too. “Well he told me this story earlier this week, he said he was out riding his horse when he saw a deer that was by itself with a really ugly coat. Like the fur was rubbed backwards making it stand up in places. He just stopped and looked at it then when it turned to walk away he said he knew it was a crazy, he said you can tell by the smell and the way they walk.”  

  Hearing about the sent I asked what she meant that we can tell by the scent. She then says that the smell comes from the fur because it’s off a dead animal so it has a rot smell to it.

“As it walked away he could smell that rotting smell and when it turned it didn’t turn like a four legged animal does. He said the front legs move normal but the hind legs kind of dragged like they were broken, once he saw it his horse took off running back to his house on its own. As the horse was running he said he could hear the deer running behind him. When he got home he told his dad what he saw so his dad took him to a healer. A week later his horse died with a cut on its front legs and some of its hair missing.”

Sitting at the fire we hear my aunty calling us to come back to the house. We grab everything that we used and made sure we didn’t leave any personal objects as we put the fire out and headed back into the house. We make our way to Gina’s room grabbing leftover drinks and snacks from the party. My aunty was used to all of us coming and hanging out at her house. So we all made ourselves comfortable in Gina’s room. Once we got settled in my aunty asks us what we were doing, my aunty was the youngest so she was the coolest of the adults, we told her our topic of the night was the crazies.  Once she heard this she just laughed and said we shouldn’t be talking about them cause that’ll just lure them to the house. Gina’s then asks her mom to share a story with us.

  Once it was suggested we all agreed for her to share a story, she tried to refuse but kept begging. She stood in the doorway thinking about telling us one so we all begged at once saying please for as long as we could. That was what gave her that push toward yes, we all got excited and made room for her on the bed and we gathered around her putting the chairs as close as we could without crowding her. she looks down at the ground trying to decided which story she would contribute to our little story telling club. She then looks up and starts talking.

“ok this is a old story I heard, it’s when people lived far from town and didn’t have electric yet.” Jay replies “you mean last week?” we start to laugh. “no this was when the highways were still dirt roads. I heard this one from my mom when I was about you guys age.” She takes a deep breath and exhales to relax. “ there was this old lady that didn’t live too far from here, she was on her way home in this old truck. She was coming home from shopping in town and was late to get home before the sunset, so about half way to her house she had to turn on the headlights of her truck. She was driving with her dog, you know those small dogs for herding sheep. Well that dog starts barking at the window and she looks to the passenger window and she saw something was running along her truck.

Once she saw it running in the trees along the road she started to speed up but it just stayed alongside her truck.  Then it runs across the road in front of her truck, when it did this it shut her truck off. Like the truck just died and slowed down to a stop with the head lights still on. The old lady knew she wasn’t’ close enough to her house for her husband to hear her so she tried to turn the truck on. Once it started she raced down the road to her house but that thing was still running alongside her truck then it did the same thing to shut off her truck, this time it was running around her truck and she heard a two tone whistles coming from the trees and her dog started to cry and jumped to the floor of the truck. She then started her truck again and once she saw the light from the fire in her house that’s when the crazies started hitting her truck. Her dog just started howling as she kept he truck on the road. Just when she thought she was getting home her truck dies again.

  So she sat in her truck thinking of making a run for her house or just stay in the truck and pray, but the dogs howl was heard by her other three dogs and they started barking really loud.  She started to think that if the dogs keep barking her husband will come outside and will scare the crazies off but it didn’t happen. The dogs kept barking and he didn’t come out so she decided to make a run for her house. Once she got out she started running with her dog staying by her even thought it could run faster than her. Her dogs ran toward her barking and once they got to her they ran to her house with her. she had four dogs barking and making noise as she ran to her house. When she got to her door she started banging on the door but no answer, after five seconds she reaches for her keys and start to unlock the door. But she could tell the crazies were coming closer by the sound of her dogs, from barking they start to growl meaning they were close. Just when she got the correct key I her hand her dogs stopped growling and ran to her legs and started whimpering, she knew it was behind her and then she heard it whisper her name. She closed her eyes and started crying, she turned around fearing for the worst and opened her eyes.

 She said she remembers seeing a dog standing funny like its front legs were broken and there was a guy wearing fur with black plant around his eyes and he had a feather in his short hair. She said it was dripping with what she thinks is blood but before she could scream the guy blew white dust in her eyes and she just fell down and her vision went blurry. She said she couldn’t move or speak and it was hard for her to breath.  She could feel him taking some of her hair and then she heard one of her dogs stop whimpering before she passed out.

  The next morning her husband had come back from town, he had spent the night drinking with one of his friends and thought he was going to make it back before his wife but he passed out. When his friend dropped him off they saw the truck and rush to the house to see his wife freezing on the porch only to be kept warm by three of her dogs that growled at her husband when he ran toward her. but once the dogs saw who he was they stopped, he got inside the house and she kept telling him to look for her little dog. The husband tucked her into their bed and ask his friend to look for the lost dog, they later found the dog dead under a tree with a stab wound on its side. Her husband was puzzled about all this and he asked his wife what happen but she started crying saying she was going to die and the crazy took her hair.

So her husband went to a shaman and talked to him. After hours of taking to the wife and husband the shaman asked the lady to throw a piece of wood in the fire he told them he could see it.  All three looked at the fire and could see a shape of three people in the charcoal two were close and the third had light gray charcoal in the head area.  The shaman had to point out the figures to the husband and wife’ looking at the third he then asked the wife did this guy have something in his hair when you saw him? She tells him about the feather then he asks if the guy took something from her and she said her hair. After another hour the shaman tells the couple that there’s a guy that sees them around her house and he wants a wife like her and the he thinks the husband didn’t deserve her so he got her hair and tied it with his so he can have a wife like her and they’ll think alike. He then starts to describe the guy and it was the husband’s brother, they’ve gotten in fights when the wife would ask the brother-in-law to look for her husband in the bars in town. The brother would often tell the husband that his wife was too good for him and she should be with someone else.”

We all sat in shock thinking that a crazy could be a family member jealous of what you have. Jay then asks “what happen when they found out it was the brother.” My aunty says “ last I heard was the guy died when a dog went on the road and a truck hit him when it tried to dodge the dog, that’s why you don’t kill animals and when we do we pray and give the reasons for it.” I liked that the dog was the death of the guy that killed a dog. Just before my aunty left Gina asks “mom, did they ever find out who the dog with broken front legs were?” her mom stopped and thought about it, “you know I never heard anything about that dog, guess that’ll stay a mystery.” We just sat there wondering who the dog was and why did it help the brother-in-law.

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