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This is a short story i wrote when i was about thirteen, i was just browsing my files when i came across it and decided to put it on here.
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Submitted: August 09, 2010

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Submitted: August 09, 2010



It was night, once again I set out into the darkness I glanced down the deserted street and started to make my way over to the bench across from the old abandoned factory car park. When I got there I sat down and looked over at the car it has been broken into, I thought aloud “kids today”. In the distance I heard the faint wail of a fire engine and certain memories I’d tried so hard to block out came rushing back like it was happening all over again.
I remembered the house and a night not so different from tonight, exactly a year ago it was set alight by a group of drunken teenagers it brought tears to my eyes remembering this tragedy and how my beloved Amy and boy Jayden never survived. To this exact day I can still hear the terrified screams of my baby boy as he woke with a start to the sudden noise of the smoke alarm then saw the flames licking under his door.
I realized I had been tracing the tear shaped scar which was the only injury I had sustained. I got it by trying to run back into the house to save my family, they were my only connections to the earth, I have been an orphan since the age of nine, I never was adopted because I was depressed and had bad views and thoughts about the world and the people in it. Amy was the only one which cared and brought me out of the mental state and made me truly happy for the first time since my parent’s tragic accident.
I used to dream about getting revenge against my parent’s killers until I found out at the age of fourteen that they also died in a car accident whilst running away from the police soon after the brutal murder of my parent’s. But now I don’t dream, I don’t sleep if I do I dream about that terrible night. I looked down at my watch and realized I had been sitting and thinking for an hour and I had to get going if I wanted to reach my destination on time.
As I was walking I was remembering my childhood. I remembered how before I was happy and energetic as a kid I loved football and action men. I thought back to the day when I was six I punched jimmy Hendrix in the eye for saying something I can’t remember but it must have been bad because I was never a violent kid.
Then I remembered after when I went into a care home it had lots of kids in, the social workers talked to me like one of the toddlers, like I didn’t understand but I did it felt like my mind had left with my parent’s and that all that was left was my body it was like a cocoon had suddenly wrapped round me and my brain had gone to sleep I kept thinking about the last time I had seen my parents was when they were waving me off to go play at kylies house I had never said a proper goodbye just a slight wave.
There was the time when I started secondary school and the bullying started they called me ‘emo’. After that I felt so depressed I tried to end my life but that resulted in going to hospital and having my stomach pumped.
It was then I realized my parent’s would never want me to die they would want me to lead a happy and fulfilling life. That day  I made a vow to myself I would stop being depressed and go out and make friends so I did that and in year eleven I met Amy, she made me the happiest person in the world when a couple of years later she agreed to marry me.
Then a year after we married we had our son we named him Jayden lee Thomas King. That was the second best day of my life I came out of my thought to stoop down and pick up a bunch of roses from outside the florist they had agreed to leave them outside tonight. Again I started walking this time I thought about Jayden’s childhood he may have only been five the night of that accident but those five years ment the world to me. Like when I taught him to play football, watching his first steps and when he laughed at me for the first time.
 I stopped outside the big gate I had got here I looked at my watch, I had five more minutes until the exact time of the accident I set off at a quick pace and made my way through the graves.
I got there I read the grave it said ‘here lies Amy, twenty six and Jaden,five an unforgotten accident r.i.p my loved ones’ I pulled up the weeds and put down my roses and whispered into nowhere ‘I will always love you’ then I walked away into the darkness.
The End

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