Memoirs of a Terran

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Another free-written and edited short story. Just a young girl who loves the stars. I'm thinking about expanding this into a galaxy-wide exploration book-thingy. I would appreciate a yay or nay from anyone who cares. Thanks.

Submitted: March 06, 2016

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Submitted: March 06, 2016



I shivered as I stepped out into the crisp air, awestruck as ever by the starlit sky. I still hadn't gotten used to seeing the majesty of the universe every night. 'If music ever took shape, this is what it would look like,' I thought.

 This was the only part of moving that I liked. When we first arrived, I had felt like screaming and yelling but mostly like curling up in a tiny ball. I did none of those things, though I came very close to trying out the first one, and wandered into the massive house, ignoring the beautiful garden. I didn't care about how old it was, or how big it was, or how the house was big enough for the new baby and the flat had been too small anyway. We had left everyone behind. The town is 3 miles away and I would have to walk there every morning. I told mum about that and she suggested I get a bike. I suggested that she p*ssed off. 

 I had never raised my voice before, at least not at her. I left after that, running through the fields that dominated the endless hills like a mouldy patchwork. My legs ached and my lungs burned but I didn't stop running until I fell over. I stayed there on the ground until I felt the first fat drops of rain on my back, then reluctantly got up and sheltered underneath some trees, waiting for it to stop.

 The downpour continued for some time, the sky an angry grey of swirling clouds that would give no quarter to the battling sun. I didn't realise it had become night and I thought the sun was broken when I saw it shining white through the thinning clouds. After a few seconds I recognised the moon, then watched in surprise as the clouds disappeared and gave way to the sparkling stars.

 I had never seen such beauty. The city never allowed anything to outshine it, and it was then clear how little I had seen there. I stared at the endless dots of light, each winking at me as of sharing a private joke. 

 They made my anger and argument seem so inconsequential. 'If living out here means I get to see the stars, then so be it,' I thought. I went home and apologised to mum, dodging her questions and pleading tiredness. I slipped upstairs and watched the stars from my bedroom window. My stars. 

 I had come out every night since, just to see them. Sometimes I brought a torch to shine in reply. 'One day,' I thought, 'I will visit these stars. I will build a space ship and go to see every one of them. We will meet.' 

 Ever since I made that pledge it has become my life. My stars were my hopes and dreams, and I am very glad to live them.


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