Sister - Destiny Gave Me

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Its a very touching poem about a relationship between a brother and sister . Logically , speaking the poem , deals with the craving of a boy for a sister . Although , he doesn't manage to get a real one , but has an interaction with "The Supreme Power" who assures him , that , he will be finding a sister soon , in the form of friend . The poem ends on a very before beautiful note with a message that , Blood Relations are not the only relationships that are strong . Its about how you manage it .

The poem is a real life with a few fictional events of the poet himself .

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



Round n Round I made some Rounds Around ,

The ball or Orange That you mortals call Globe ,

Hours ,Years and days I spent to Know ,

Where did
HE hide my Lovely Sister ,

In woods or under the floor ,

Or a place That may Require a hard with effort Some more .

Sound ! Sound and Sound came So loud Loud and Loud ,

She is nowhere with You my son , She's still wit you as One ,


  • I replied THE MIGHTY !

O ! Lord what does this mean !

Is their someone for me ,

Or are you telling me that you are so mean .

Mean for not including her with me ,

For keeping her in place far far far away from me .


  • MIGHTY POWER replies . .

Ha ! Ha ! My son ,you are so cute as your Thoughts !

Remember I never made for you any droughts .

You May not Have a Red Bond , But you will have a bond purest of all ,

A Bond of friendship that will survive into Brother and Sister love so pure .

This the cure For you .

Bury your thoughts deeper ,

Like any Sleeper ,

C'mon now dont be a weeper , That I know is regret for your quest ,

But trust ME , your asking ME that , Was just and best .

She may be a dream now ,

Time may seem slow for now , Spend your days as never before , She
will come I assure .

Now begin your Thinking and sleepin ,

While the rain is weeping.

Winds will come bringing Your Sister ,

Ya I mean her ,

They will blow in galore ,

Adding up into the happiness you wear ,

I swear ,even when I need not to .


  • The Boy replies back !

I m sorry ,for Questioning the Glory

Doubting the theory

No one Questioned before

No one ever had its anwser even then and not anymore,

who framed my story with an easy flow .

But I just wanted to fade my worry wit My GLORY . .

My Mighty . .My Heaven . .

I have just tears of joy, Thank You My Lord . . . .

(now you can guess who the boy is )

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