A masterpiece of doodles

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Goal achievement and emotional intelligence

Submitted: November 03, 2015

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Submitted: November 03, 2015



While idling this morning with the next bunch of social shares, my eyes caught up a lovely video of a mum, shaping and colouring the fascinating doodles of her daughter, thus turning them into a great picture. That reminded me of how my daughter started her art classes when she was only two-years-old. All of her pictures ended up as masterpieces, neglecting the fact that they were imprinted all over her clothes and the room as well. Nonetheless, she was happy and proud, since that was the actual goal of the exercise.

This sweet recollection, however, streamlined my thoughts on how we start doodling our dreams and ideas in our childhood, without any expectations of what they are going to look like, to eventually transform them into an upright forward vector in our adulthood, keeping straight line and schedules. Then, naturally, and with a certain dose of bitterness, comes the moment of awareness and enlightenment, and we gladly share with our friends the diagram “what I expected my life to be and what it turned out to be.”  

The second part of the diagram reflects the same old doodles from our first pictures in life, with the slightest difference that we have already invested too much time and efforts to make them look like an upright forward vector. While trying to keep the straight line, having all our goals set up in a perfect plan, we somehow neglect the moment to improvise, to accept the things as they are and to enjoy what we are doing. Therefore, each scratch or shape aside from the initial idea may leave an imprint of negative emotions on us.

Of course, there’s nothing bad to have high dreams and long term goals, as they are the fuel to make us go further in our personal development. The disappointment usually comes from our efforts and expectations to give those dreams and goals a precise shape, just as we think we would like to have them, and to fix their achievement in a strict plan. Thus we deprive ourselves from the possibility to see other alternatives which could be much better than our initial idea, or turning the occurred defects into glamorous effects.

Doodling our dreams and goals may not seem as a serious approach from the perspectives of an adult, though that’s what we always get a result. However, it gives us the flexibility to shape and reshape them, and to be filled with the exact emotional colour that we would like to have. Even if you can’t see or define a given shape at a certain moment, just keep on doodling, and at a later stage it will become meaningful. Consequently, the picture of your life will look like a masterpiece of colourful doodles and you will be happy and proud.

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