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Project INK
Part 4:Original sample

Submitted: April 27, 2011

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Submitted: April 27, 2011



End the Insanity
My heart is racing. Sweat is running down my face and my thoughts are spinning. I’m running through the jungle, trying to get away from the Amazon hunters.  All of a sudden, just when I think I’m about to get caught, something catches my eye. It’s a light, and it brings me back into reality. A cell phone.
I had seen a cell phone. There was a person sitting in front of me, texting. This person brought me back into the movie theater, where I realized that I was perfectly safe from nonexistent hunters, extremely uncomfortable in the cramped theater seat, and I really needed to visit the women’s room. I never know what the texts are about. Maybe the movie, plans to hang out afterwards; God knows what else. It doesn’t matter to me what they are talking about. The bottom line is simple – it’s distracting.
Nothing annoys me more than a cell phone at the movies, especially when it’s a good movie. I can somewhat tolerate talking, because it’s easier to tune out. Phones, however, distract everyone around. Whether the backlight catches your eye or the noisy buttons distract you, witnessing a texter generally destroys the movie experience. My opinion on the matter is if you paid admission to the theater, you paid to see a movie; not talk to your friends. Put your phone away and talk to your friend after the movie is over. You can later rent the DVD and text all you want while watching the movie in your own home.
I don’t like to pay a lot of money for movie admission, popcorn, and a drink only to have my experience ruined by someone else. The worst part is, I can’t even ask them to put the phone away. Some more outgoing or intimidating person would scold them, or even forcefully grab the phone out of their hands to keep until the movie is over; making their point quite clear. Sometimes this doesn’t go over well, and all you can do is try your best to ignore the distraction.
What do we need to do to end this problem? Should movie theaters have “phone sections” the same way restaurants have smoking sections? The sections would be in the back of the theater, off in the corner, secluded from everyone else. Moviegoers looking to get their money’s worth from the experience could sit in the main section of the theater, away from the distractions of phone backlights. This may solve the problem, but it would probably be more work than it’s worth. There are multiple signs posted in most theaters asking citizens to turn off the phones or leave them at home. Some theaters play a warning on the screen before the movie starts. Shouldn’t this be enough?
I don’t know what needs to be done to end the madness and insanity, but I don’t like being engrossed in a movie only to be forcefully thrown into the reality that the seats are hurting my butt. Next time you go to a movie, do us all a favor and either bring your friend with you or leave the phone behind.

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