Dear America

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Submitted: June 02, 2009

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Submitted: June 02, 2009



I’ve never lived in the slums, but I can read the news
And the holes in my shoes will justify the words I choose.
Power hungry Anglo-Americans make us beg on our knees,
All the while, they got a gun to our civil liberties.
The tree of government is crooked and bent
So the branches surround you and you’re stuck like cement.
The shade from the executive, legislative and judicial,
Falls like jail bars made thick and full.
The limbs keep you trapped in the system of oppression,
While economic roots drag you deeper through recession.
In lies we trust, because we got dust in our eyes,
All while, the capitalist system tries to sell us our lives.
Giving more power to the executive branch,
They got us in circles doing their dance.
We need to uproot this tree,
Dilute oppression with equality and refute tyranny
Everyone is hungry for what they ain’t got,
The rich always get it while the poor seem to rot,
Urban manipulation keeps them in the slums,
While others run guns with corporate funds.
Hungry but pockets full, the rich are rooting for more
While their war weighs heaviest on the poor.
The perverse evils and actions of government factions,
Deserve an equal and opposite reaction.
We can’t be free if we can’t retaliate,
And if we don’t wake up, we will be too late.
Mass media attacks your body and mind and soul,
Trying to slow the wheels and cogs that grind and lull.
Yes, I know I’m a pawn,
A dart thrown around the presidential lawn.
No Chief’s trumpets can prove me wrong.
Stop me now or ill go on and on and on…

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