The Difference, In Character

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The story tells our differences.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



The Difference
Short Story
Jodel C.Botilo, 

Plants grow everywhere in our backyard. And there classified to I its either herbs, shrubs and more and that means of being united and well that’s only for a single does think about it. But they are still classified as plants. Its where they belong.
“But not for a teacher like me” anyway obviously its my profession.
I only classified my students into two. And what are those?
Those are the students that do good things. It is because they love to follow instructions and make high points. And annie I give you a credit on that. Beautiful smart, tall young lady for about eighteen years of age. Now I guess and you know that I am a teacher in colleges. That’s right I am.
Then again Mr. . . . it takes a long deep breathe taking acts before I mentioned his name. there are times I think and acts if I am forgetting his name?. No! No! I lie if I will tend to forget his name. Anyway its not him as the only students that has same acts. John! Again you are at the bottom of it.
The troops makes all the shouting and yelling. Booo!!! Boooo! 
Then again I did not slammed my table. What if it broke, then I loose. They are my students I do still love them.
But teacher why are things goes like these? She is my students that always ask about! She loves to make an issue and sometimes I just answer her I don’t know as of now. Then she just got back to her own chair.
And it’s the difference. Is that all? One of them seconded. 
Its not like that. I tell them. Yeah it was! One them shouted loud, yeah but it was just my joke. Laughing continues… So do I sometimes laugh at his joke. 
That is putting things that I don’t want to do.
I never mentioned my students as bad it was just in my mind. I want to respect them, and if I want to tell them seriously I talk to them not in the crowd.
But they do know they are hard headed. And that doesn’t ended what negative char they are that some posses. It is not all such description that I and others know.
“Undisciplined?” that sounds good not to totally heart them.
That sounds pretty good! And you joke?
And what do you think?. I ask him.
Thinking of? Aaaah! I just don’t know what to say.
You know I was thankful you don’t roar. He laugh out loud.
So we do both laugh.
John sit down. How could you stay that calm?
After all these things? Then what are you saying hhuh? John continued…
It came in a moment that he shouted as I shouted, I stand about a meter away. I know he was angry with me, but I am not going to fight him. I only want him to study and do good in class. Signalling him not to go. “ stop” john we need to talk.
Preventing temper of both of us to explode.
I saw fierce in his eyes of my student john. And its better for me to just let him go for a while.
Can I talk now? 
Yeah john! I said then he started. Johns eyes where filled with tear drops.
You know! You don’t know how hard I tried to learn your lessons!. And those books huh! Then with that matters you will treat me like that?
No john! That’s not what I mean.
Then what? I a louder with anger john tries to express what he feels. 
I want you to be a good student john.. not just in that books. No no no! You don’t know I am trying to tell you teacher.
Please stop talking teacher, you don’t know what is going on.
I am just your students right? Then its just that.
Yeah but! Then you don’t care. Your pushing me through all these things.
They pay you right? Then its for your own good. Then what about me? John continued.
Haven’t you ask what I like?
No! no not yet! I response softly. Then damned it. In the first place you should.
John please stay calm okey? then can I leave now. Yeah john you can go now.
He left my room then slowly step off. Still he slammed the door. I realized, I should not treated my students like this way. They are not like mine. They have their own likes and dislikes. Its not all good and an undiscipline that I face here in this room. Lots of memories isn’t it? Well I guess its enough for this good day. And as time goes on realized what john feels. Understanding him will motivate him, that’s the good thing that I can do for him that I think such an un discipline but he is the good one.
I months later! Of course I always saw john. Obviously everyday because he was my student. 
Three to five absents were lessen and change to always present.
Turns into or one then now no more not going to school. Then here he came. Hello john! I greeted him with a smile. Then he smiles back too in confident.
Yes teacher he replied.
How’s your day? You know you did good today.
Its not that cloudy at all, bright lights takes it he says.
Then that’s good to know. 
Looking at my watch its now time for my next class. I walk along the hall.
I realized what he told me and I can not compelled him to do all good, to expect that high wherein anybody can’t. he is old enough to understand.
We all have differences and it is better to think what is the best words to say to others that might not get other feeling hurt. Ah! Topping my cheeks with my palm rub. Enough for today I told my self. That is the difference.

* * *

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